Have You Tried These Modern Asian Hairstyles For Women And Girls Yet?

Have You Tried These Modern Asian Hairstyles For Women And Girls Yet - MCSARA Hair

Changing hairstyles is never a boring pastime for women to refresh themselves, try out a new look, and find for a novel feeling. And when talking about the hair game, we cannot forget to refer to how marvelous the hairstyles of Asian women are. From past to present, taking advantage of having natural beautiful silky black hair strands, which is very easy to style, Asian ladies always have a hundred ways to transform their hairstyles with scissors and hair dye. The fact that from this area, many of the boldest and freshest styles were born and create plenty of hot trends all over the world. Here we have rounded up some hottest Asian hairstyles of 2019 that have created the new hot trend waves in the Instagram world. Keep reading and maybe you can get inspired for your next salon appointment (you totally should!)

Cute and easy Asian hairstyles for any length

It’s time for you to say goodbye with regular ponytail hairstyles and boring normal updos that you do every day when going to school or hanging out with friends. Attempt something new, simple yet still trendy instead. Long and cropped, feminine wavy or classy straight, etc. – these following hairstyles of Asian girls will amaze you with the diversity and creativity.

Ravishing Smokey Purple OmbreAsian hairstyles ombre hair

If you are finding something bold but full of modern and classiness, then we strongly recommend you to give this dream-like combination a chance. Melting from black to icy blonde and ended with glossy blue-grey, the magic was created like that. For maximum effect and femininity, style your hair with some soft waves, don’t forget to apply some hairspray to hold the texture longer.

You may need to bleach hair before putting on this shade, so your natural hair can be damaged. Hair extensions are the perfect alternative for you, without having to damage your own hair.

Ash Bronde Ombre Hair

mcsara Ash Bronde Ombre Hair large - MCSARA HairYes, I said “Bronde”, it’s not a typo. The shade was created by mixing two colors – brown and blonde, resulting in an ashy and cool look. The smooth transition from the dark section to the colored ends gives a natural graceful look. It’s a popular hair color for Asian girls since it is suited with almost skin toned and blends pretty well with naturally dark tresses.


Black to Light Brown Ombre Waves

mcsara Black to Light Brown Ombre Waves large - MCSARA Hair

Light brown is not a strange hair color choice for women all over the world, not to mention it has always appeared in the list of the most popular hair colors in hair salons. The Asian professional hairdressers have upgraded this shade up to a new high level to achieve a more modern look by applying the ombre dyeing technique instead of coloring full head. The caramel ombre against the dark roots combines with the soft perms is the perfect decision to gain a romantic yet fancy appearance.

Pink Asymmetrical A-Line Bobmcsara Pink Asymmetrical A Line Bob large - MCSARA Hair

2019 is the time when the muted colors have come to the throne, made various trends among the beauty believers around the world. A dusty rose shade looks outstanding against dark roots, enhancing depth for hair. And when talking about the length and style, the shoulder-length angled bob is always preferred thanks to its flattery with any face shape. Indeed, the long front layers will help effectively frame the face and create a slimming effect, which is an option that cannot be more suitable for girls with round faces.

Choppy Cut with Wispy Bangs

mcsara Choppy Cut with Wispy Bangs large - MCSARA Hair

choppy cut is a good choice to fake thicker locks but this style can sometimes be boring on its own if you don’t know how to diversify it. And a wispy, tapered bang will come in for this reason. Create some layers and soft waves to enhance the volume and add depth for hair.

Silver Asian Hairstyle

mcsara Silver Asian Hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

Looking for a unique and attractive hairstyle? Break up your natural black locks and give this platinum shade a try. If you encourage and bold enough, there no reason for not dyeing this shade at least once in your life for a fresh and fashion-forward look.

Classic Straight Asian Hairstyle

mcsara Classic Straight Asian Hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

God seems pretty favored Asian women as he gives them the very beautiful, soft, and silky strands. Sometimes simple is the best, no need to take any chemical-process such as dyeing, straightening or curling, just an idiosyncratic haircut like this long sleek blunt cut is enough to capture every opposite eye.

You have short hair but still, want to rock this style? Then MCSARA I Tip Straight Hair Extensions Black Color will help you to make the dream come true.


So, these are some trendy Asian hairstyles of 2019, feel free to duplicate if you see a style that is suitable for you. Wishing you quickly achieve your dreamy hairstyle. Good luck!

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