You are bored with repeating several simple hairstyles every day and really want to be disruptive with something new, unique but not time-consuming? Then some hair accessories such as turban scarfs with colorful motifs, decorative hairpins, etc. will help you to do that.

Your hair will definitely be more prominent with some highlights from a beautiful head-tied scarf.

Turban scarfs, also known as headgear, are derived from street fashion, where the stylish girls with impressive fashion sense show themselves. Made from a variety of fabrics, turban scarfs – an indispensable accessory for girls in the summer can be transformed in many ways to wrap, bringing unique styles for young ladies.

Join MCSARA to learn how to beautifully wrap your beautiful turban scarf!

  1. Knotted style

This type of tying a turban is quite simple and somewhat classic. With girls who are new for using turban scarfs, this can be easily applied to beautify their hair. The knotted turban style can perfectly combine with the high bun hairstyle or a ponytail. And of course, due to the stylish, youthful look that it brings, you can comfortably dress up with any outfit.

mcsara Wrap your turban scarf in the shape of a bow large - MCSARA Hair

– To do this style, first, fold the cloth diagonally to maximize the length of the turban. Then continue to fold several layers until the width of the scarf is only about 3-4cm. Loop the fillet from the nape of the neck to the top of the head, then tie a knot on the forehead.

– At the knot you just tied, you tighten one more knot to make sure the scarf is fixed. Then twist the ends of the turban scarf gently to the sides of the hair.

– Hide the part of the turban that has just been wrapped inside.

mcsara turban tie large - MCSARA Hair

  1. Wrap your turban scarf in the shape of a bow

The girls who love simplicity can apply this turban tying style to beautify their costumes. This style can be done quickly do it does not take you much time, a small pretty bow also creates an illusion of looking more romantic and classic.

mcsara Wrap your turban scarf in the shape of a bow large - MCSARA Hair

For this type of turban, you do the same thing as the “knotted style”. However, after wrapping a knot, you continue to tighten the second knot, but do not tighten too much, creating a natural level of the scarf! At that time, the two ends of the turban will “prick up” like a pretty funny bow, help you look more pretty and lovely.

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mcsara knotted style large - MCSARA Hair

  1. Wrap the turban around the bun

For those who like the garlic bun and often do this hairstyle, this style is a spectacular transformation to enhance the prominence and make you more graceful.

mcsara Wrap the turban around the bun large - MCSARA Hair

Like other ways to be formative with a turban, this style is also very simple. After the garlic bun is finished, first, wrap the turban scarf halfway from the back of the bun to the front. You wrap a loop by twisting the ends of the string, then continue to loop the scarf to the back of the bun and tie a knot.

mcsara 10 ways to tie large - MCSARA Hair

With just a few simple steps, you are much more charming and stunning.

mcsara final large - MCSARA Hair

  1. Wrap turban in Bohemian style

Women who are followers of Boho and Bohemieng fashion styles can apply this turban wrap to have a “wild” look. The Bohemian-tied turban style will give you a classic look but somewhat full of femininity, full of femininity but also somewhat full of wildness. In general, it makes girls look more impressive.

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– Tying the turban scarf in Bohemian style is not difficult, first put the scarf strip behind the head, then loop them to the front.

– Squeeze 2 ends of the turban and then put it back and tie it.

It’s done to do this simple type of tying a turban. This style is suitable for girls with gentle, curly hair or soft loose hair. Looks both beautiful and bold “aboriginal” right!

  1. Wrap the turban scarf into a “fake” headband

mcsara Wrap the turban scarf into a fake headband large - MCSARA Hair

With a turban scarf, you can completely turn them into “fake” headbands by some super-simple steps below:

– Instead of wrapping your turban into a long strip like the ones above, with this tying style, firstly fold your turban diagonally, then using it to cover the head so that the two tops between the scarf hang down to the forehead.

– Grasp two long flaps of the turban to wrap them together, then tie a knot at the back.

– Finally, the middle part of the scarf hanging down in step 1, you wrap up skillfully and hide them on the folds of 2 tied flaps to create a beautiful fake knot.

Besides, using MCSARA hair extensions to combine with a turban scarf is a good idea that enhances your hair perfectly.

These are some delightful ways to make your daily hairstyle become more fabulous with just a turban scarf. Wishing you success in having a beautiful and stylish hairstyle. If you know different ways to vary your hairstyle with a turban scarf, don’t hesitate to show your ideas with us by leaving your thoughts on the comment section below!

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