50 Best Rihanna Short Hairstyles From Time To Time

We all know that Rihanna is a Goddess who is a powerful singer, a talented actress, a genius fashion designer, etc. It seems that nothing is impossible for this wonderful woman. Rihanna has considered as a trendsetter by many fashionistas all over the world thanks to her unique fashion sense. There must be a reason for this way of thinking as literally every time she appears to the public is each time the famous star getting people admired her styles, whether it’s about hairstyles, clothes, or makeup; and then the people will start to duplicate her and a fashion trend will be born.

Rihanna has a fun nickname as a hair chameleon. Actually, she is also known as a skilled fashion chameleon because of the drastic frequency in changing different looks within relatively short periods of time. Rihanna hairstyles are always an endless inspiration for professional hairstylists and beauty followers all over the world. And indeed worthy of the “hair chameleon” nickname, the talented singer won’t fear trying out an unusual hair color or going permanent with an uncommon haircut. There is no doubt we all love her for that. By the way, though Rihanna always looks gorgeous whether it’s a long hairstyle or short hairstyle, the multi-talent woman’s short hairdos seem to be noticed and have a stronger impression than the longer looks.

Why is Rihanna so fabulous with short hair?

The beautiful face of Rihanna allows her to be able to rock any kind of lengths in all possible color versatility, but short hair is something that fits and flatters her incredibly. It is no coincidence to say that, according to the “Image Identity” system of David Kibbe, Rihanna belongs to the Gamine type of appearance with a teen-age type of body built yet a feminine angelic face. Gamine women often look older than their age when they want to enhance their femininity with pointed long looks, thus short hairstyles seem to suit them better. Rihanna can turn out either looking fresher and more charming with a blunt Bob or edgier and classier with a simple boyish cut. These following pictures of Rihanna short hairstyles will prove to you why the short’ do is absolute “hers”.

Red Hot Side-Swept Pixie

This is one of the most obvious proofs showing how Rihanna can pull off every length of hair in all possible color variations. To be honest, red is not an “easy” color, not to mention it is pretty “picky”. This vibrant shade can bring you a glamorous look but also can turn you into a “living tomato” if your face or your skin tone (or whatever) does not suit this color. This is even more evident how amazing Rihanna is to be able to easily rock this look.

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Dramatic A-La Mohawk Style

Rihanna goes out with a gorgeous dramatic look and successfully attracts every opposite eye. The Mohawk style itself is already impressive and unique but now becomes even more prominent thanks to contrasting textures and colors: closely cut temples combine with highlighted strands on top and a polished finish. The golden blonde highlights accomplishing with the black sunglasses and glossy plum lips light up the whole look, give a dramatic modern feel.

Fiery Fauxhawks

Another impressive Mohawk look of the genius singer. Instead of letting the hair down, here we see Rihanna switching it up for a super edgy yet more elegant look. The black sides shaved and the voluminous blonde top brings an interesting contrast yet still stylish and alluring. The hairstyle is suitable for either square- or oval-shaped faces.

Two-Toned Short Bob

Many people think that short hairstyles are not as versatile as there are not many ways to diversify their look. That motto is totally wrong. Why? Just look at how Rihanna “play” with her short hair and learn. This time, the Umbrella voice decides to enhance her funky haircut by styling it in a trendy texture and adding some colors. The simple blunt Bob seems too normal for her taste, Rihanna chooses for herself a two-toned short bob for a more fashionable look.

Bowl Cut with Blunt Bangs

Miss Rihanna never stops surprising us with her creativity and boldness to try on different hairstyles, even some uncommon style like a bowl cut. And the thing that amazed us, even more, is that no matter which hairstyle she is showing, this beautiful lady still radiates the endless attractiveness. The songstress looks fabulous and amazing in the honey blonde bowl cut with hints of black. The hairstyle is very stylish, easy to manage as well as to create. Best suited for straight-haired people, with just a straightener and some shine hairspray – You are already ready to have a rock-chic pop-star.

Some other iconic photos of Rihanna short hairstyles

Blunt Angular Bob

Stacked Cut with Elongated Bangs

Modern Boy Cut

Pixie Haircut

So, there are some iconic short hairstyles of Rihanna. Which look do you like the most? Let’s MCSARA know by leaving your comment below!

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