7 Extremely Impressive African Hairstyles

Female in any country always has magical power. The need for the beauty of young ladies is irrespective of region. Each region, each country or nation, girls always know how to promote the strength of make-up or find out different beautiful hairstyles to be always stand out. So are African-American black women. However, unlike Caucasian or Asian hair, the African hair has some typical characteristics as it is very fragile, vulnerable, brittle and super curls. Even though the hair has a unique appearance and hair structure like that, Black women still know how to shine thanks to the skillful hands of the hairstylists, making the “braided” hairstyles which are very attractive and impressive.

But maybe because of hobbies, customs or cultural traditions, African women always make their hair fluffy or plaited, not natural. Recently, Hollywood stars – in the journey to refresh their style and image – have also tried these hairstyles, such as Kristen Stewart, Carmen Electra, etc. Braiding hair into many small plaits close to the hairline or into big locks has become the style that many female stars love.

1. “Boxy” braided hair

This hairstyle is quite popular during the summer, preferred by the celebrity like Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (an American R&B musician, American actor and fashion designer) and many other famous stars. Straighten the hair, then divide the hair into small curls to start braiding combining with hair extension (If you want to try out this hairstyle, then MCSARA’s human hair extension is a choice that couldn’t be more suitable for you!). In addition, people use lighters to burn the ends of hair to locate and fix the hair. This hairstyle is called a box shape because of the angular shape of the box. You will look stronger and bolder with this hairstyle.

You can also make the hair look fancier to gain attention by adding metal clips, lanyard or stones to the hair.

2. Long hair curls

Ever since Zendaya – Disney’s talented actress, singer, and dancer – appeared on the red carpet with her long curl wig, has sparked a trend of new hair fashion. This hairstyle was originally formed from Rastafari culture in Jamaica and associated with a huge musical legend – Bob Marley. This hairstyle is the pride of black people, showing their unifying strength in the fight with racism. The style is made up of large thick curls that are twisted from top to bottom.

This hairstyle brings a feel of the snake god Medusa in Greek mythology.

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3. Braided hair weaved diagonally

This braided hairstyle is frizzier and more attractive than roll hair. First, tie each strand of hair, then release it and use a styled hook. The ripples of the hair are made up of hot water or drink using the Perm method. This short hairstyle will turn into Afro hairstyles. Afro originates from two words: African and Colombian, refer to the typical fluffy, frizzy hair.

Black women always stand out with their “impressive” curly hair.

4. Braided Hair Rope

Still a braided hairstyle but with a larger version, the plaits after forming will look like a rope. You can add color for hair by using hair dye to keep color for a more enchanting look. With wigs of this type, most of the materials are synthetic acrylic fibers which are easy to create many twisted and curled styles.

5. South-West African Twist Senegal

Senegal’s braided hair is created by wrapping synthetic hair straight (like Kanekalon) around the roots of natural hair and twisting two strands to the end. This style is popular in Senegal (officially the Senegal Republic) – a country of the south Senegal River located in West Africa.

Senegal’s braided hair is slightly lighter and more feminine than other types of torsion.

6. Marley-style twisted hair

Marley-style twist hair originated from African-American Jamaican singer and songwriter – Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley. He was a reggae pioneer and was honored on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after his death. Senegal and Marley-style twisted hair has quite a few similarities and is very similar in how to do it. The difference between these two types is not the technique but the hair part. Marley-style hair is somewhat wavy like Afro hair.

The “huge” floating of the Marley-style.

7. Ghanaian braided hair

Ghanaian braided hair is a braided hairstyle that shows up most of the scalp. Due to the shape of the back looking like a banana that is opening the crust, this style is called “The road turns bananas”. This hairstyle is popular in Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana – a country in West Africa.

Ghanaian braided hairstyle looks exquisite and alluring.

That’s some iconic African hairstyles. Are you inspired by any of them? If you like, don’t hesitate to try out a braided hairstyle at least once in your life. Make your life become more delightful and engaging because you only live once! One more thing, you may need to use hair extension to do braided hairstyle, then don’t forget MCSARA’s high-quality hair extensions are always here being ready to help you! Wishing you quickly have a beautiful hairstyle as craved!

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