7 Reasons Which Cause Hair Loss

7 reasons which cause hair loss 1 - MCSARA Hair

Hair loss is one of the annoying problems for many women nowadays. It makes your hair look thinner and more crumbled. Let’s find out the reasons why it happens to you.

  1. Wash hair the wrong way

7 reasons which cause hair loss large - MCSARA HairWash hair the wrong way

The frequency of washing hair, the types of used shampoo and conditioner, the way you remove shampoo and conditioner are some shreds of evidence of hair washing mistakes:

  • Generally speaking, all of us want our hair to be clean and fragrant all the time. This is the most common reason why many people wash their hair too regularly and even every day. In so doing, their hair is badly impacted accidentally.
  • Using unsuitable shampoo and conditioner also leads to the condition of hair loss.
  • In addition, your hair will be prone to be grease and weaker if you do not remove all shampoo and conditioner from your hair when washing it.
  • Also, many girls do not use conditioner after shampooing their hair to save time. However, the fact is that without conditioner, the hair will be dry and tangled. And then they will get a lot of hair breakage.
  1. Impact hair when it is wet

7 reasons which cause hair loss 1 large - MCSARA HairImpact hair when it is wet

Our hair is the most vulnerable when it is wet. For this reason, if we comb our hair, or wipe it too hard with a towel or use some styling tools (like straightening iron, thermal styling brush, curler, and dryer) at that time, our hair can avoid being damaged and it will fall.

The advice here is that only when our hair is dry should we have any impact on it.

  1. Regularly use heat and chemicals on hair

7 reasons which cause hair loss 2 large - MCSARA HairRegularly use heat and chemicals on hair

Have you ever had your hair dyed, curled, or straightened? In case the answer is yes, your hair must have been damaged. When the hair is weakened by heat and chemicals, hair loss may appear.

  1. Tie hair too tightly

7 reasons which cause hair loss 3 large - MCSARA HairTie hair too tightly

When hair is tied too tightly, the hair fibers will be stretched and hair loss will come as a matter of course.


Not only can tying hair too tightly lead to hair loss but it is also a cause of headaches. Therefore, we should not tie our hair too tightly.

  1. Be exposed to the sun

7 reasons which cause hair loss 4 large - MCSARA HairBe exposed to the sun

UV rays from the sun are considered as the enemy of both skin and hair. And letting our hair be exposed to the sun may increase the risk of hair loss.

  1. Be constantly under stress

7 reasons which cause hair loss 5 large - MCSARA HairBe constantly under stress

Life is full of stress and sometimes we have to stay up late, we suffer from sleep deprivation and we are put under a lot of pressure. As a result, stress affects our hair negatively.

  1. Do not provide sufficient nutrients

7 reasons which cause hair loss 6 large - MCSARA HairDo not provide sufficient nutrients

According to hair experts, in addition to adding nutrients to hair from the outside in, we need to provide our body with sufficient nutrients as a way of adding nutrients to the hair from the inside out.

Because 95% of nutrients nourishing our hair come from our blood, we should eat more foods that are loaded with a high level of protein, fat, iron, calcium, and vitamin (especially vitamin B5). These foods have the ability to strengthen hair follicles.

We believe that by being aware of the causes of hair loss, you will find it much easier to get rid of this problem.

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