Adorable American Girl Doll Hairstyles Making Your Kids Look Super Beautiful

Adorable American Girl Doll Hairstyles Making Your Kids Look Super Beautiful - MCSARA Hair

It is no doubt when saying that every little girl desires for having such a beautiful dream of being a princess or becoming their mom. They often try to wear mom’s dress, put on hilarious makeup look, stand on mom’s high heels, and pretend their mom’s voice. All of these things are super cute and adorable. Besides, dolls are considered to be one of their best friends since they were young.

You probably know that American Girl dolls are popular among little girl children. Especially, these hairdos are a wealth of stunning doll hairstyles that are favored by many kids. So, if you are thinking of what kinds of hairdo will make your girl look like a small princess, then you copy and experiment doll hairstyles just like you would with the real mane. You also can practice daily with the doll’s hair and train to make the best hairstyle for your kids. It is such an amazing experience and hobby that you can play with whenever you have leisure time. In this post, we have listed a wide range of adorable girls doll hair ideas that you can get some inspiration to make your doll look cute and beautiful!

1. Basket ponytails

Basket ponytails large - MCSARA HairAmerican girl doll hairstyles: Basket ponytails

This hairdo may look a little complicated, but actually, it is super easy to do it for your kids on the second day. Create the criss-cross ties step by step, little by little then pull it into a high ponytail. Remember to buy a basket of differently-colored elastic bands. You just start by parting the hair into some same strands and tie them up. Keep in mind to insecure your hair with a tiny red bow tie.

2. Asymmetrical twists

Asymmetrical twists large - MCSARA Hair

American girl doll hairstyles: Asymmetrical twists

If your kids have such beautiful and long hair like that, so why don’t you try on this simple hair idea for your little baby. Remember to dress up with a gorgeous and long dress, she will turn out to be a small princess. This hairdo is so simple to create. All you need to is using curl iron to make the waves first. Then twist two sides hair, keep it into tiny plastic hair claws.

3. Doll Fishtail

Doll Fishtail large - MCSARA Hair

American girl doll hairstyles: Doll Fishtail

Have you ever tried to make this hairstyle before? This is one of the most hair ideas that most moms create for their girls each morning. It can be insanely beautiful for those who have thicker and longer locks. It will take a little time at first, but much easier and quicker after practicing. You can use all of your doll’s hair to create the most amazing fishtail braid before braiding with your kid’s hair.

4. Braid and ponytail mix


American girl doll hairstyles: Braid and ponytail mix

The idea of braid and ponytail mix is absolutely perfect for the girl in summertime. The ponytail will keep the hair out of their neck which is best for the kid when they play fun together all day long. Also, this hairdo is super easy and time-saving but still, looks amazing and beautiful. At first, you will make a regular high ponytail. Then braid on a strand of your hair after parting it. Finally, let twist the braid together with a ponytail and tie in a hair elastic band. Use a cute pink bow tie at the ponytail to be much more adorable.

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5. Braided fun

Braided fun large - MCSARA Hair

American girl doll hairstyles: Braided fun

Your little baby must be super gorgeous and elegant like a Disney princess in the fairy tale. Blonde color of hair is a perfect match for this hair idea. Plus, this hairdo will be truly stunning if you take the braids equally. Remember to separate the same side strands of hair, then start to braids side toward to middle to look like a crown. Tie two braids of different sides and let it run down the back of the doll and turn into a ponytail. Try to make three lines and adore them with a big sparkly bow.

6. Braided Ballerina Bun

Braided Ballerina Bun large - MCSARA Hair

American girl doll hairstyles: Braided Ballerina Bun

Your kids can wear this hair idea for many situations on a daily basis or event in some formal events. She is always shinning with this hairdo matched with stunning outfits. However, this style will take a little time to create a beautiful and neat one. Try to practice as much as possible with the doll’s hair to learn how to make it perfect before trying with kid’s hair. In the first step, you need to make a high ponytail. Part a small section of hair from the rest of the ponytail, and use a bun form to pull the main section of hair through it. Then make the braid by taking a small section of hair and two sections with the same amount from the ponytail. Keep in place with a bobby pin. Continue to do that when there is no more hair to braid.  Secure with an elastic, wrap around the bun with a cute bow, and pin everything in place. You can use some hairspray to remove some flyaway.

7. Curl it up

Curl it up large - MCSARA Hair

American girl doll hairstyles: Curl it up

Those kids with long and curly hair like that, it is super simple to make every morning. You just add some hairspray and comb it gently. If the hair is straight then you should use a curling iron with small curls or a wand to curl the American Girl doll’s hair. However, since the children’s hair is weaker and slimmer than adults’ one, remember to use a suitable temperature in order not to damage the natural hair. Another free-heat curling way is you can separate your hair into small sections and braid them. Let them overnight and untie those braid and your kids are ready to go now!

These are some different options of American girl doll hairstyles that you must try one time to make your kids look more beautiful and gorgeous. Adore your little girl is not difficult anymore. Let practice to get your best hairdo that your baby gonna love. Keep supporting and reading our posts to know more about hairstyles, hair color trends. If you are keen on some of the hair extensions products, please visit our website MCSARA. com, we’re always willing to help you to find out your perfect match.

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