Are You Ready To Bless Your Eyes With These Pictures Of Lana Del Rey No Makeup?

Are you ready to bless your eyes with these pictures of Lana Del Rey no makeup - MCSARA Hair

The fans are really falling in love with these makeup-free moments of Lana Del Rey!

Do you know who Lana Del Rey is?

Although she is a famous singer, the world, however, is very large, so not everyone knows about Lana Del Rey. That’s why here we have rounded up some general information to help you visualize the original portrait of this talented woman.

Born June 21, 1985, as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is one of the most renowned singers and songwriters, whose songs have been used in some of the best blockbusters of Hollywood. Lana Del Rey first performed under her real name of Lizzy Grant but not really famous until changing to the current stage name. The name of the singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey really took the world by storm by a homemade MV for the song “Video Games”. Although there have been existing some controversies throughout her career until the present time, it still can’t be denied that the woman has a successful career as she has an extensive fanbase and has sold millions of albums, which some of them even landed at No.1 on the Billboard 200.

Besides being well-known for the amazing music, Lana Del Rey also famous for her stunning beauty. Each has become her trademark one way or another, making her unique among all other artists. Her looks are definitely the inspiration, what with her retro-inspired hair and slick cat-eye that frames her style. However, since the singer has rarely appeared being bare face to the public, her fans have always craved to see her natural beauty. That’s why we are writing this post, in which we’ve rounded up some iconic pictures of Lana Del Rey no makeup taken by reporters or posted by herself, which will definitely stun you!

[1] Beautiful in white

Beautiful in white large result - MCSARA Hair

Lana Del Rey looks gently beautiful in a simple white T-shirt. Normally we do not usually like being taken with the flash on because it can reveal a lot of facial imperfections, however, looking at this picture of Lana Del Rey, can you see any defect? There’s absolutely NOTHING, not to mention the singer was appearing totally makeup-free! The silky long straight brunette hair swept to one shoulder side makes the songstress even meeker and more graceful.

[2] A fresh selfie

A Fresh selfie large result - MCSARA Hair

Lana Del Rey doesn’t usually share her makeup-free moments with her adorers, that’s why her fans all went chaotic when she posted this picture on her private Instagram account. In the selfie that she took in her car, the 34-year-old singer looks so much younger than her real age, going totally makeup-free with a lovely low-key lob hairstyle. If not told before or do not know who Lana Del Rey is, looking at this photo, probably many will think that this is a teenage girl rather than a woman over 30 years old. That’s the power of her natural beauty.

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[3] Another on-the-car selfie

Another on the car selfie large result - MCSARA Hair

Here’s another makeup-free picture of Lana Del Rey that she also took in her car. The songstress still shines even without a sign of powder, eyeliner, or lipstick, etc. The lob hair is now wrapped up into a half-up half-down hairstyle for a neat yet feminine look. This is also a simple and easy way for you so style your hair and make your casual day more delightful without time-consuming.

[4] In the sunlight

In the sunlight large result - MCSARA Hair

This is seriously one of the best makeup-free photos of Lana Del Rey. The medium-length black hair with some dip blonde dye at the ends brings a gentle yet charming look. And even though she was taking the picture without using any beauty filter, her natural beauty still looks stunning and shinning, making the dazzling sunlight now also fade away and seems only present to support the beauty of the singer. Who would not fall in love with such radiant natural beauty like her?

[5] Stunning beauty

Stunning beauty large result - MCSARA Hair

Lana Del Rey once again stuns us with her charisma when she doesn’t wear any makeup. In this picture, the famous star looks like a real officer who is happily taking a photo with her colleague as she is wearing a simple white T-shirt while leaving the face makeup-free. Sweeping the long brunette hair to one shoulder side as smiling gently at the camera, she is truly that lovely colleague girl that everyone will surely want to work with. What about you? Do you want a fellowship like her?

[6] The charming woman

The charming woman large result - MCSARA Hair

Such casual clothes like this sporty cap and multi-color top still cannot hinder Lana’s natural beauty to shine. The long layered-cut brunette hair underneath the hat brings a sporty yet charming feel. This picture is one of the clearest evidence proving that Lana Del Rey does not need any enhancing beauty product to be prominent and appealing!

Some more pictures of Lana Del Rey without makeup

Some more pictures of Lana Del Rey without makeup 1 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Lana Del Rey without makeup 2 large result - MCSARA Hair


Some more pictures of Lana Del Rey without makeup 4 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Lana Del Rey without makeup 5 large result - MCSARA Hair

What do you think about Lana Del Rey no makeup? Let us know by leaving the comment below!

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