This July will mark the comeback of the legendary, the sexy and perfect goddess in the world- Beyoncé Knowles, not as the R&B world top diva but as a voice actor for Disney’s movie “The Lion King”. Whether its music, fashion, or now in the cinema field, Beyoncé always knows how to change flexibility and shine in every area she participates in. That’s why she is a global icon, a big star who leads the trend all the way.

So, you know what is one of the “secrets” bringing our world’s top R&B diva to the pinnacle of beauty and fame? That the miraculous switching between different hairstyles. Diverse without boring, Beyoncé looks beautiful and extremely charming in every style.

Let’s take a look at some of Beyoncé’s top hairstyles and you may get yourself inspired. No matter which one you opt for, you will absolutely look stunning.

Low ponytail with bangs


Even in just a classic and boring hairstyle like a ponytail, Beyoncé still knows how to lessen her age with a blunt bang. The combination of a low ponytail with a blunt bang works well on any face shape, so don’t be hesitant to do it if you want.

Youthful Ponytail

Youthful Ponytail large - MCSARA Hair

high ponytail is no longer uninteresting if you know how to play with it with colors just like Beyoncé in the picture below. Not necessarily the exact same as her, you can dye your hair in different colors, such as blonde and light blonde, blonde and brown, etc. Yes, it’s simple yet it can give you a vibrant look and makes you a few years old younger.

High-fashioned half-up half-down Hairdo for young girls

High fashioned half up half down Hairdo for young girls large - MCSARA Hair

This is always a trendy hairstyle but very simple and time-consuming for those girls for party, going out with friends or going to school. Take a small section of the locks on the crown and tie them by a black rubber band. It is so easy and stylish.

Ombre long straight haircut with bang

Beyoncé looks very classy with this hairstyle. The blunt bang and the locks around her face make Beyoncé a rather radiant lady. The bright blonde perfectly blends with the lower brown ends and gives an illusion of a long hairstyle.

Ombre long straight haircut with bang large - MCSARA Hair

Super high Braided Ponytail

Super high Braided Ponytail large - MCSARA Hair

Neat and not too picky, you must like this hairstyle. Firstly style your hair into a high ponytail and then fix it with a hairband; take a small section at the back of your ponytail, plait it and then wrap it around the ponytail to hide the hairband. Finally, plait your ponytail into a big braid and tada!! You have successfully been chic and elegant!

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Middle-parted long straight hair

Middle parted long straight hair large - MCSARA Hair

This hairstyle looks simple without too many gaudy tricks. Beyoncé straightened her blonde hair and middle-parted it, there must be no difficulty for you to do this hairstyle but you may need to apply some hairspray to have a better effect.

Long wavy haircut for mature women

Beyoncé blew all her hair back and style the crown into a high hump. She looked so luxurious and noble in this splendid blown curly hairstyle. This hairdo is best suited for those mature women wanting to go party, wedding or fashion events, etc.

Long wavy haircut for mature women large - MCSARA Hair

Voluminous Long Curls for a Party

Voluminous Long Curls for a Party large - MCSARA Hair

Beyoncé curled her hair in the deep wavy texture. These voluminous curls contrast fiercely with her small oval face, and it’s quite a superstar look. If you rock this hairstyle, we bet you will absolutely be stunner among the crowds.

Retro-chic Long Side-parted Hairstyle

Retro chic Long Side parted Hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

The combination of this hairdo with red lipstick brings you a classic and imperial feel. The deep side part and the side-swept curls make Beyoncé so beautiful and attractive. This hairstyle is suitable for any face shape and can help your face look smaller. You should try this hairstyle at least once to experience the high-fashioned feel.

Super high curly ponytail

Super high curly ponytail large - MCSARA Hair

Beyoncé looked fantastic and fabulous in this hairstyle, didn’t she? Tease all the hair up on the crown and do a high ponytail. Curl the tail with a curling iron to make soft waves and apply some hairspray for a better effect. This is a perfect hairstyle for party time that you can’t miss out!

Long Braided Hairstyle

Long Braided Hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

If you like braids, then this is a good one for you to get inspired. Braid the locks into a loose plait and tousle it messily. Add some curves to the fringe and make it flip out, thus the look can be more feminine and trendy. Moreover, her golden top layer fades into the brown part below, making this braid look even longer and more impressive than it is. Such a fabulous hairstyle!

We’ve just listed out some iconic Beyoncé’s hairstyles. Which hairstyles that you think best suitable for her? Let us know what you’re thinking by leaving comments in the comment section below. In addition, in case your hair is too short but you want to refresh your look with the long hair, don’t forget to come to our store and buy for yourself a wig hair or hair extension. Our MCSARA’s products, which are made from 100% virgin hair of Vietnamese women, are the best solutions for you!

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