Braid Styles For Women, A Hot Trend In Africa

Braid Styles For Women A Hot Trend In Africa - MCSARA Hair

All over the world, there have many different hairstyles such as buzz cut, bob, lob, short pixie, layers, bangs, short cut, mid shag, long with 3 textures straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. However, in my opinion, the most special hairstyle seems to be Braid styles for women, with 3 main styles: Half up half down braidBraid up bun, and Mini twist. This hairstyle has become a hot trend in Africa and now spread into many parts of the world.

First of all, we should have essential knowledge of braid styles for women. Braided hair is the hairstyle I like best. Braid styles are not only for girls; they are also for women. No matter your hair type, a marvelous braid will make you become a spotlight anywhere! As we can see, Braid styles emphasize highlights, color variation, and texture in your hair. Would you like to try this hairstyle?  MCSARA has introduced some braided hairstyles for women that you can try and rock your trendy side for you.

1. Half up half down braid:

This is the easiest hairstyle in braid styles. Half up half down braid is more suitable for blonde hair than black hair. It is very stylish and popular in all over the world. It is a pretty and stylish look that will suit everyone. You can wear braid styles like this for any occasion. There are so many kinds of half up half down braids such as Fishtail braid, Boho braid, Waterfall braid, Half Top Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair.

mcsara Fishtail braid large - MCSARA Hair

Can you see this braid looking like a fishtail? Of course, because it is the Fishtail braid style. With this hairstyle, the hair has been split and the upper section has been styled into a sleek braid.

mcsara Boho braid large - MCSARA Hair

This is the Boho braid style. This style has two braids that meet in the center. You can wear this hairstyle anywhere from a casual day going out or a special occasion like a wedding.

mcsara waterfall braid 968967bf 8bbf 41bf a196 2590059f6777 large - MCSARA Hair

waterfall braid keeps half of your hair up and lets the other half cascade down. The braid goes across the back of your head but hangs loosely down your head.

mcsara Half Top Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair large - MCSARA Hair

If you have short hair, it doesn’t that means you cannot wear braid styles. And this is Half Top Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair. This hairstyle will suit everyone, it can be recreated on even shorter hair too.

mcsara Crown braid 4d218e31 5797 4c7f 905b 21f7781c4c96 large - MCSARA Hair

Besides, we have a strange hairstyle, it is a Crown braid. This hairstyle is so special because the braid will wrap around the head. The way to make a crown braid is to plait your hair into a double braid, then lift each one and pin it to the opposite side to form the crown.

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2. Braid up bun:

Work your way up to the crown of your head, then loose the hair into a bun. There are so many options when deciding to choose this hairstyle such as Upside-down Braid, Double dutch braid buns.

mcsara Braid up bun large - MCSARA Hair

This is a Braid up bun, one of the most complicated hairstyles. How to make this hairstyle? In between the two cornrows, braid a medium-size cornrow to the crown of your head. Repeat this pattern around your entire head.

mcsara Double dutch braid buns cb114031 7f8f 4fef bb6e aba37bd01eeb large - MCSARA Hair

Double dutch braid buns with two bulk of loose hair sitting next to each other on your head. This style makes you amazing at a picnic or beaching.

mcsara Upside down Braid large - MCSARA Hair

Upside-down Braid is the hairstyle with the bulk of hair sitting atop your head, rather than on the bottom.

3. Mini twist:

The mini twist is the popular hairstyle in Africa because this style is based on the naturally curly hair of Africans. Senegalese Twist Braid, Micro Braid, and Bob braid are some kinds of this hairstyle.

  mcsara Senegalese Twist Braid large - MCSARA Hair

Senegalese Twist Braid looks like rope twists, originated from the West African country of Senegal. I like this gorgeous, protective style offers a different take on the current braid trend.

mcsara Micro Braid large - MCSARA Hair

Micro Braid is the hairstyle that has million tiny braids on your head. This hairstyle is often black color making women look so mysterious. And you can get the natural look with Micro braid as well as do almost everything you like with them.

        mcsara Braid bob large - MCSARA Hair

Braid bob is suitable for women who have short hair. This style is about a short braided hairstyle you can wear to make it seem like you cut your hair.

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