Discover Beautiful Hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, along with his teammates in the Portuguese national football team has just won the Nations League Championship, continues to write on the record lists of a football legend.

Not just the world’s no.1 soccer star but Cristiano Ronaldo is also a fashion icon with great influence. Every shoes or hairstyle of the CR7 create the “storms” strongly affecting the fashion industry. His haircut, just like the soccer star himself, is one of the most popular hairstyles for men in the world. Thus, it is not difficult to see young men trying to imitate Ronaldo’s haircuts.

Here we will introduce to you some iconic haircuts associated with the name and image of the CR7.

The Side Part

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

He was just a 17 years old talent of the Sporting Lisbon Club of his home country when he got this haircut. The CR7 knew how to style his hair from quite early with the mane was dyed in light brown and the hair was carefully gelled to both sides of the head.

The Curly Slickback

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

In 2003, when he started playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo attracted many fangirls with his handsomeness in the curly hair slicked back and some blonde highlights.

The Mowhawk quiff

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

The masculine features on his face were completely shown out with this hairstyle. With this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, CR7 cut short on the sides and gelled up messily the hair section in the center, he also started growing a mullet.

The Classic Undercut

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

After the continuous efforts, Ronaldo finally obtained the highest achievement in his career with his first FIFA Golden Ball in 2008. Attending the award ceremony, the MU’s superstar opted for an elegant and masculine style with the short cut and simply preened hair. No one can escape from the attractive handsomeness of CR7 with this hairstyle.

The Spiky Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

This is one of the most famous hairstyles of CR7. With this hairstyle, Ronaldo still remained the undercut on the sides but the hair on the top head was grown long and spikily gelled up. He also slightly changed his haircuts with two curly shaved lines on both sides, made the hairstyle look unique and imprint the CR7 brand.

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Slick Side Part

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

Slick Side Part is a hairstyle that is definitely no stranger to anyone. However, this hairstyle has never been not hot, especially when the Portuguese soccer star seems very like this haircut. In fact, Ronaldo is quite loyal to this hairstyle and tends to switch between different variants of it.

The Hard Part Double Line

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

This is one of the variants of the Side Part. Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t be more good-looking with this haircut.

The Textured Spiky Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

An interesting combination between the Hard part and the Spiky, Cristiano Ronaldo looked modern and stylish with this haircut.

High Fade + Side Swept Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

For a simple look, CR7 chose a high fade haircut. The hair at the top head was cut shorter, combed over, especially in the front.

Textured Comb Over + Tapered Sides

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

Letting the undercut grown out, CR7 opted for short tapered on the sides and textured medium-length style on the top head. This look was even sleeker with his clean-shaven face and shaped eyebrows.

Undercut + Hair Design

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

Slightly change the classic undercut with the “Z” shaved lines on the sides.

Blonde Highlights

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

Not just do some shaved lines to make the difference, this time CR7 opted for a few wispy highlights throughout his natural dark locks. This is an excellent ideal if you want to refresh your look with some color without coming off as too flashy. Choose light brown instead of blonde if the blonde is too striking for you.

Two-tone hair with Short Sides and Subtle Part

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

Another way to play with colors. The esteemed athlete is one of the male celebrities that re-popularize colored hairstyles in men.

The Nape Shaved Lines

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

CR7 went out with a new shaved design on the sides of his head and at the back of his neck. He never stops creating new creative haircuts.

The Formal Slick Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles

This hairstyle usually appears when Ronaldo attends a formal event such as award ceremonies, etc. With this hairstyle, he became a real dreamy gentleman of all girls.


As expected from the big fashion icon, Ronaldo has never disappointed us with his unique creative hairstyles. What do you think? Do you like these CR7’s haircuts? Let us MCSARA know your thoughts by commenting on the comment section below!

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