Everything You Should Know About Human Hair Thickness

Nowadays, improving beauty is one of the most concerns of women. There have many things we should know about our hair such as hair loss, hair care, hairstyles, and human hair thickness. Today, MCSARA’s news will share with you some exciting information about the thickness of human hair.

Sometimes you wonder why hairs cover over the human, except for the palms of hands and at the soles of feet? Human hair plays an important role in the human body because the purpose of hair is to protect our bodies.  However, do you know about the thickness of human hair? Scroll down to find out this golden information, you will be able to determine your hair density.

1. What is the way to measure the thickness of a human hair?

Scientists have to use laser diffraction to find out the size of the thickness of a human hair as well as the average thickness of human hair.

By using laser diffraction, scientists can easily measure the structure and diameter of a tiny object.

Human hair contains 80% of keratin and about 10-15% of water. The other 5-10% are mainly pigments, minerals, and lipids. Let’s look at the below picture to see the human hair structure. As we can see, the very outer layer of our strands is the cuticles, which envelop the core of the hair shaft – the hair cortex – each hair comprises about 20% cuticles and 80% cortex.

2. What is the average thickness of a human hair?

In European, they consider hair with a diameter of 0.04 to 0.06 mm as thin, hair with a diameter between 0.06 and 0.08 mm as average, and hair with a diameter between 0.08 and 0.1 mm as thick. And the weather or climate can also affect the diameter of a hair strand. If the weather becomes warmer, the diameter of body hair rise. Asian hair is especially thicker. Besides, the average diameter of Asian hair is from 0.08 to 0.12 mm.

3. How to measure your hair thickness?

The hair density of people in Asian and African is significantly lower than for Caucasians. According to scientific data, based on the differences in hair density, it is suggested approximately 81,000–121,000 hairs on the scalp for female Caucasians, 89,000 scalp hairs for Asian females; and 81,500 scalp hairs for African females, considering individuals between 18–35 years old. And after the age of 40, the hair density is becoming lower due to the aging process. However, it is said that on average, there have around 100,000 hairs per head.

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You can look at your hair roots and your scalp to classify your hair thickness. If you don’t see many scalps at all, you have thick hair. And if you see a few scalps, you have medium density. In fact that you see a lot of scalps, you have thin hair density.

4. Factors affecting hair thickness:

Nowadays, there have many people who have thin hair because of bald, hair loss… Many people are bald due to gender. The causes of hair falling can be damage from environment condition, hairdresser, and hair machine. Every day, the hair has to suffer vehicle fame, sunburn… Women often straighten or roll hair with high temperature and toxic hairdressing chemicals which damage extremely hair.

A hairdryer is one of the causes leading to hair loss.

5. The treatments to improve human hair thickness:

Many people find some products stimulating hair growth but the result is not as expected. These products even harm to the scalp if people use them in a long time, which leads to hair loss.

There have many ways to protect and prevent our hair from damaging and hair loss. We should wear a helmet when driving a motor or a hat when going to the beach to protect our hair. Washing your hair with warm or cool water, and remember to avoid hot water as well as regular hair washes are the ways to protect your hair.

Women should limit to let hair touch with high temperatures from making the beauty process as well as a hairdresser. Moreover, you must have a healthy diet to have thick hair. Besides, women can take care of hair or by going to the hair salon for hot oil treatment or with coconut oil, grapefruit oil…at home to save money.

Remember to wear a helmet to protect your head as well as your hair.

However, all of the above treatments for hair require time-consuming to improve. Moreover, as we can see, although we send a lot of time and money in repairing and taking care of hair, our hair does not look thick and smooth. So what is the fastest way to have a great human hair thickness? Personally, hair extension is a perfect choice for women nowadays. Hair extension has many styles, categories as well as color to be suitable for different demands.

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