Excessive Hair Loss: Signs Of What Disease?



Many hair strands are scattered on the pillow every time you wake up, the hair falls out a lot every time clawing, or each time shampooing, etc. making many people worried, wondering if a lot of hair loss is a pathological manifestation?

Hair loss occurs when hair germ cells are weakened. In particular, the common factors that weaken hair germ cells are usually hormonal imbalance, stress, genetics, malnutrition, abuse of beauty chemicals, etc. However, if not due to the above reasons that hair is still constantly falling, you may have one of the following conditions:

Thyroid disease

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Thyroid disease causes an imbalance in the thyroid hormone in the body. The disease has 2 forms: one is hypothyroidism – because the body produces too few hormones, the thyroid function poorly; another is hyperthyroidism – the case of when the amount of hormone is produced excessively or overactive thyroid.

Hair loss is one of the typical signs of thyroid disease. When the amount of thyroid hormone is unbalanced, it will interfere with metabolism, leading to inactive hair follicles, which leads to less hair growth and thinning.

Pathological inflammations of the scalp

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The fungus usually parasites on the dead cells of the hair and easily spreads to the entire scalp. They lead to various types of scalp inflammation, infection, etc. make hair become vulnerable as well as easy to fall out. If it is not improved completely, the disease can cause large patches of hair loss, which can lead to baldness.

mcsara alopecia large - MCSARA Hair

Fungus, an inflammation of the scalp cause alopecia, causing the patient to lose confidence and worry about health

Immune system disorders

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When the immune system is disrupted, the body may mistake the hair follicles as an “invaders” factor trying to pervade, leading to the process of eliminating them being activated. Hair follicles, especially the hair germ cells, are damaged, leading to faster and earlier hair loss.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)    

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In women, this syndrome is caused by a hormonal imbalance that causes the body to produce too many male hormones instead of female hormones. PCOS often causes excessive hair loss, while facial hair and other areas of the body grow excessively.

Anemia, lack of nutrients

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The process of raising hair (especially in women) consumes quite a lot of nutrients, while they are easily deficient in blood and important nutrients such as zinc, protein, iron, etc. due to menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, or insufficient meals. When the nutrient content is unbalanced, the hair germ cells also become meager, lifeless, hair grows weaker and more likely to fall out than normal.


In addition, many people mistakenly believe that cancer causes hair loss. However, this is incorrect. Cancer patients only lose their hair when undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. These methods usually help destroy and prevent the growth of cancer cells, however, they cause side effects that along with diseased cells, they also destroy hair germ cells, leading to hair loss.

In order to improve hair loss due to the above-mentioned causes, the patient should first be in control of the pathological conditions. At the same time, each person needs to combine a specific hair loss remedy for each gender because the mechanism of effects on hair germ cells in men and women is completely different.


Excessive hair loss is always an obsession of anyone, especially for women as they will greatly reduce your confidence and seriously affect the quality of life. Treating hair loss takes time and patience, but appearing for long periods with thin, lifeless hair might also be a big problem. That’s when hair extensions will come to be your “savior”. They are the best options to immediately provide long thick hair while waiting for your hair loss problem to be fully treated.

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Hope this post has helped you to have an insight about hair loss, thereby better understand your health condition and have the appropriate treatment if necessary.

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