How Apply To Clip In Hair Extensions?


Hair extensions are a great way to enhance the length, volume, or both for your hair. In which, clip-in hair extensions are considered one of the most popular and easiest methods preferred by many women around the world. However, it’s common for a lot of women and girls to get unsure or nervous when it comes to hair extensions, as not every woman is familiar with them. Perhaps there are many people, although they want to own clip in hair, but do not know where to buy hair, how to buy it, and how to use it. This post will help you to solve that problem, we will show you where to buy clip-ins and we ensure you will see for yourself how easy to transform your hair into voluminous, long locks in just a matter of minutes, without damaging your tresses. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s get started!

Where to buy hair extensions?

Hair extension is no longer a strange thing for women today, and it is sold a lot in the market. In terms of composition, hair extension is divided into two categories, human hair extension and synthetic hair extension. In which, we recommend that you buy and use human hair extensions rather than synthetic hair extensions because although it is more expensive than the synthetic ones, it does not contain harmful chemicals that affect your health as well as allow you to comfortably restyle or re-dye, bringing the most natural appearance.

clip in straight 6 color grande 79c17bda 9975 4b9a acd3 8178b0fe29d9 large - MCSARA Hair You can buy clip in hair extensions in many places, whether directly in stores or indirectly online. There are many stores selling hair extensions online, with a variety of styles, colors, lengths, etc. However, you need to research carefully about the supplier as well as refer to reviews from previous buyers to be able to choose a reliable purchase address.

MCSARA is proud to be the leading company in the field of producing and exporting human hair extensions to big markets such as America, Russia, etc. Our products, including clip in hair extensions, which are made of 100% Vietnamese Remy hair of Vietnamese women, will offer you the best versatile and the maximum longevity of hair, you are free to restyle or re-dye your hair extensions in any way you want.

How to clip in hair extensions?


Before installing clip-ins, you need to prepare:

  • Your full set of clip in hair extensions (a typical set includes 2 pieces of 4-clips wefts, 2 pieces of 3-clips wefts, 2 pieces of 2-clips wefts, and 2 pieces of 1-clip wefts)
  • A soft paddle brush or a loop brush
  • Clips
  • Mirror

Step 1: Brush your hair

Brush your hair large - MCSARA Hair

Start off by using a soft paddle brush (or loop comb) to get rid of all tangles by brushing your own hair thoroughly.

Step 2: Start with a first 3-clip weft

Start with a first 3 clip weft large - MCSARA Hair

At the position about an inch above the nape of your neck, separate a straight thin section of hair by your finger or better using the tail of a rat tail comb if you have one. Using a hair clip to secure the rest of your hair away. Take a 3-clip weft and smooth it out before clipping into your hair so that you can achieve the most natural result. To avoid shedding and being breakable, you should use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush the hair from the bottom to the top, this is considered the primary principle when brushing hair, whether it’s hair extensions or your real hair. Then unclip the clips.

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Start with a first 3 clip weft 2 large - MCSARA Hair

Put the clip weft on your head so that it’s perfectly fit into the sectioned hair, then clip it into your strands starting from the middle clip, then left side and then right side. This process will be applied to every weft. Make sure to clip as close to the roots as possible.

Step 3: Take a first 4-clip weft

Take a first 4 clip weft large - MCSARA Hair

About an inch above the first clipped weft, separate another straight thin section of hair, then keep the rest away with a hair clip. This section should be at about the top of your ears. Take another large clip weft from the set, gently smooth it out to make sure there aren’t any knots, then measure the weft against the sectioned hair to make sure it will fit perfectly on your head. Start clip in the middle two clips and then follow by the sides. Be sure to clip it evenly.

Step 4: Continue to take another 4-clip weft

Continue to take another 4 clip weft large - MCSARA Hair

Separate another straight thin section of hair at about an inch above the last clipped in weft and secure away the rest of the hair. This section should be the wildest party of your head. Repeat the same process as step 2 and 3. Slightly stretching the weft to the sides while clipping in the middle clips to make sure that the clips are attached evenly on your head as well as there are no pumps in the weft.

If your set of clip-in hair extension only includes one piece of 4-clips weft, then you just simply move on to the next step using the second 3-clip weft.

Step 5: Take the second 3-clip weft

Take the second 3 clip weft large - MCSARA Hair

At about two inches below the crown of your head, section off another straight thin section of hair and clip the rest of hair away.

As usual, take the second 3-clip weft, smooth it out and attach it onto the sectioned hair. Now, all the large wefts are clipped at the back of your head and only small ones are left.

Step 6: Take the 2-clip wefts

Take the 2 clip wefts large - MCSARA Hair

These clip wefts are supposed to be placed at the sides of your head as they will add thickness on the sides and make your hair in the front blends in seamlessly with the ones at the back.

Separate a straight thin section at about 2 inches above your ear on the side then clip the rest of the hair away. Secure the clip weft onto the sectioned hair so that it is closer to the back of your head. Do the same on the other side.

Step 7: Take the 1-clip weft

Take the 1 clip weft large - MCSARA Hair

Attach this weft on the sectioned hair right above the 2-clip weft or anywhere you feel need more blending. Repeat on the other side.

Brush your hair gently and check in the mirror to make sure that everything is blended well and all the wefts are hidden, especially in the back, do adjust if necessary and ready to show off your brand new fabulous look!

Hopefully, this post is helpful to you when using a clip in hair extensions!

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