How Many Hairs On A Human Head?

How Many Hairs On A Human Head - MCSARA Hair

Sometimes we wonder how many hairs people have on a human head. In my opinion that seems to be a difficult question to answer because it will depend upon many conditions such as ethnicity, sex, age…

The hair density of people in Asian and African is significantly lower than for Caucasians. According to scientific data, based on the differences in hair density, it is suggested approximately 81,000–121,000 hairs on the scalp for the female of Caucasians; 89,000 scalp hairs for Asian females; and 81,500 scalp hairs for African females, considering individuals between 18–35 years old. And after the age of 40, the hair density is becoming lower due to the aging process. However, it is said that on average, there have around 100,000 hairs per head.

mcsara Thick hair brings for women the confidence and perfect beauty large - MCSARA Hair

 Thick hair brings for women the confidence and perfect beauty.

mcsara thin hair will make you unhappy and lose the confidence large - MCSARA Hair

 On the other hand, thin hair will make you unhappy and lose confidence.

Nowadays, there have many people who have thin hair because of bald, hair falling… Many people are bald due to gender, they find some products stimulating hair growth but the result is not as expected. These products even harm to head skin if people use it in a long time. The causes of hair falling can be damage from environment condition, hairdresser, and hair machine. Every day, the hair has to suffer the vehicle fame, sunburn so we should wear a helmet when driving a motor or a hat when going to the beach to protect our hair. Women often straighten or roll hair with high temperature and toxic hairdressing chemicals which damage extremely hair. Therefore, I think women should limit to let hair touch with high temperature from making the beauty process as well as a hairdresser. Besides, women can take care of hair or by going to the hair salon for hot oil treatment or with coconut oil, grapefruit oil…at home to save money.

However, all of the above treatments for hair require time-consuming to improve. Moreover, as you can see, although you send a lot of time and money in repairing and taking care of hair, your hair does not look thick and smooth. Therefore, I think that the hair extension is a perfect choice for women nowadays. Hair extension has many styles, categories as well as color to be suitable for different demands.

mcsara Wavy brown hair can make the woman more and more attractive and magnificent large - MCSARA Hair

Wavy brown hair can make the woman more and more attractive and magnificent.

mcsara Straight blonde hair brings lovely and noble beauty for ladies. This color will help women brighten in everywhere large - MCSARA Hair

Straight blonde hair brings lovely and noble beauty for ladies. This color will help women brighten in everywhere.
mcsara Curly black hair helps women look so active energetic and mysterious large - MCSARA Hair

Curly black hair helps women look so active, energetic and mysterious.

MCSARA- one of the best companies in the hair extension field has many types of hair extension to provide for the European market. Our hair extensions are Remy hair with all cuticles remained and the hair strands are arranged in the same direction. That is why it is so smooth, glossy and soothing with no chemical, no tangle and no shedding. Hair extension from our company is made of 100% Vietnamese hair, and the hair in Vietnam is one of the most beautiful hairs in the world.

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mcsara Bulk hair straight light brown color large - MCSARA Hair

This is Bulk hair straight light brown color A– one of the good items of MCSARA for you if you want to have thick straight hair. Bulk hair seems to be the simplest hairstyle in MCSARA. Moreover, bulk hair is the cheapest type of hair in our company.

mcsara Tape in curly hair light brown color large - MCSARA Hair

This is Tape in curly hair light brown color, it is an attractive hairstyle because of the convenience. The length which is suitable for you can be 20-inch tape in hairTape in hair is easy to attach, and they look incredibly natural on your head.

mcsara U tip curly hair light brown color large - MCSARA Hair

This is U tip curly hair light brown colorU tip hair extension is the hair is produced in U shape, in which the tip is made of keratin. High quality of keratin in these hair extensions helps to ensure that we are providing hair with the best quality.


It is said that Thin hair extensions black color. It is the Virgin hair extension from one girl so that it has not the difference in standard, texture, color, and length. Therefore the Virgin hair extension is the best item in our company at a suitable price.

Just by some click into our website, women can change their beauty.

With criteria bringing beauty and satisfaction to the customers, our company is proud of being a famous brand in Vietnam specializing in providing hair extensions to customers in international markets. So as long as you have a little hair, MCSARA can provide for you the suitable hair extensions. So that there’s not likely to be a problem. Why ask how much hair there are in the human head?

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