Kesha No Makeup And Natural Hairdos


Kesha Rose Sebert is more popularly known as Kesha a singer-songwriter that has taken the music world by storm. Besides, after seeing Kesha no makeup photos, you will be shocked.


With her unique style of vocals and beautifully written songs in her albums “Animal” and “Cannibal” Kesha has quickly propelled herself to dizzying heights of stardom only a few can dream of.

With two number one hits like “Tik Tok” and the soul-stirring “We R Who We R”, and a number one debut in the Us charts with her album Animal, Kesha is a favorite amongst her fans whom she lovingly calls her animals.

A new post by the star shows her face without a stitch of foundation or concealer, and what you see might surprise you. She is been hiding a Kesha no makeup image that is one-of-a-kind face emblazoned with light freckles for a long time ago.

Kesha no makeup large result - MCSARA Hair

freckles of Kesha large result - MCSARA Hair

Another photo of freckles of Kesha in the past. How do you feel about this? Her face is quite pretty with platinum hair and attractive eyes.

Kesha without makeup large result - MCSARA Hair

Straight blonde hair

Kesha Straight blonde hair large result - MCSARA Hair

A gorgeous no-makeup Kesha is a far cry from her glittery avatars one that is so used to seeing. A clean face and properly combed hair is a complete contrast to her music videos. She cleans up nice and looks good too. The beauty is never dependent on makeup layers and Kesha proves just that.

Wet hair on the beach

Kesha Wet hair on the beach large result - MCSARA Hair

Kesha is not a fitness freak like her contemporaries but she maintains a healthy body that looks so beautiful in beachwear. One can truly look beautiful without makeup provided they have the right kind of attitude to carry an outfit.

Messy wavy hair

kesha Messy wavy hair large result - MCSARA Hair

Her dreamy eyes are a perfect asset to her laid back casual style with messy hair as a morning look. Hailing from humble beginnings, Kesha loves keeping things simple and down to the bare minimum. In real life, her laid back style brings out her best features.

Golden locks 

Kesha Golden locks large result - MCSARA Hair

Kesha is known for her golden voice and her golden locks. It’s her hair that can effortlessly shift her look from trashy to classy depending on her mood.

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Messy wet look

Kesha Messy wet Look large result - MCSARA Hair

Her style is a lot of funk and bright colors are thrown in together. So while she wears a muted shade for a top she will surprise you with her funky yellow nails. She adds an element of surprise to her look so one can never be complacent on what to expect from this quirky Diva.

You will see the big difference between Kesha with and without makeup in the following pictures.

The sleek stylish

Kesha The Sleek Stylish large result - MCSARA Hair

From her messy look, Kesha can pull off the sleek and stylish red carpet look in style. Provided she is willing to make the effort and go the extra mile. The pulled back sleek high ponytail with next to no makeup makes her look so refreshing that one will forget her messy looks completely. A hairstyle can surely make all the difference.

Floating blonde strands

Floating blonde strands large result - MCSARA Hair

That rosy blush is natural and does not take much effort on her part because Kesha is virgin territories for makeup. She pulls off this look with the panache that is one of a gorgeous diva in her awesome and celebrated golden locks. Her pretty and sleek nose ring gives a hint of risque to her look which makes her stand out in a crowd.

Kesha large result - MCSARA Hair

The picture, which appears to be a throwback to a recent vacation, shows Kesha in full earth goddess mode, complete with a caption about missing whales.

Although Kesha normally covers up the freckles for performances and red carpet appearances, we’re feeling the new look in place of her go-to glam.

Golden wavy look

Golden wavy Look large result - MCSARA Hair

Kesha with her easy style and don’t care about looks attitude is a welcome change in an industry that is known to influence how people look all over the world. She is the perfect example of beauty from within as her talent makes her sexier than most bimbos who are elbow deep in makeup.

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