Modern Hair For Modern Women – 2019 Hair Color Trends

Come from the female instinct for beauty, most the women always want to change their look from time to time to be up-to-date with the latest beauty trends in the world, especially when it comes to hair. It must be nothing better than always having alluring fabulous hair that can attract any opposite eyes, in which getting a radiant modern color for hair seems an essential factor. Join MCSARA to check out the 10 best gorgeous shades for 2019!

Living coral hair

This color shade is one of the “hottest” hair color trends this year as it is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019, so don’t be surprised if you see this color everywhere.  This shade of coral is way more muted than its classic megawatt color, which makes it look almost natural. Unless you’re a natural blonde, you’ll need to bleach your hair to get this copper-coral shade, so make sure to stock up on leave-in conditioner ahead of your appointment to mitigate damage and keep your color from fading.

Glitch Hair

This hair color requires you to have the courage to try as this may bring a “rebellious” feel. If you’re not sure if you want to go full-on glitch all over, have your colorist try the multi-colored trend on the underside of your hair (so you’ll see it when your hair is up).

Lilac Hair

This light purple shade was starting to gain more attention at the end of 2018 and officially becomes a hot trend in 2019 (as the searches for “lilac hair” are up over 100% on Pinterest). The only disadvantage is that the color will be faded quite fast so if you have the intention to try out this look, don’t forget to grab a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain your color.

Chestnut Brown and Gold Hair

The chestnut color still remains its desirability for women. To be more versatile and update with the newest trends, the shade gets a slight upgrade this year which are two light-brown highlights at two bangs sides. In the opposition with the above shades, this color is very easy to maintain – especially if you have an original brown base.

Inky Black Hair

Black absolutely is the timeless hair color trend. Of course, we aren’t talking about your natural black hair base since this post is about hair dye color, remember? We are talking about the inky-black. If you’re wondering why we have to classify these two black colors (the inky and the natural black) then here the difference is – the inky-black is all about shine! “The glossier, the better” is the basic principle that you have to remember once you want to try out this hair color. And also because of its “glossy” feature, it is very necessary to preserve the shade by using color-enhancing products such as hydrating, specializing shampoo.

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Ash Gray Hair

Instead of committing to a full-on gray or black appearance, your hair will absolutely look more charming if you color your hair ash gray applying balayage dyeing technique. The darkest sections along with the roots and the light gray toward the hair ends will be the choice that couldn’t be more suitable for adding depth and dimension to hair.

Pastel Pink Hair  

You won’t usually see a wearable hair color trend coming out of fashion week (not everyone can understand the “artistic factors” implied in such shows, you know what I mean) as this hair color. The pastel shade was worn by models in the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 fashion show and has started creating a “fever” among the fashionistas. If you are bold and courageous enough and would like to have a sweet look, then don’t hesitate to try out this interesting color at least once!

Baby Blonde Hair

A perfect way to switch up your platinum hair! As it can be predicted from the name, this hair color gets inspired by the sun-brightened, natural streaks that you would find on little kids.

Chocolate Brown and Copper Hair

Simple but never get old, the subtle copper tones is a perfect choice to enhance your femininity and give you an attractive look. The copper highlights looming in the chocolate brown “sea” will make the hair become even more dreamlike.

Strawberry Honey Hair

If you are wavering between dyeing hair in golden blonde and vibrant copper, why don’t you try out the Strawberry Honey as this shade is a perfect combination between the two colors above? Bringing plenty of dimensions and shine for your hair, there is no reason to not rock on this look at least once!


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