Quick Halloween Hairstyles Care With Only 1 Week

Quick Halloween Hairstyles Care With Only 1 Week - MCSARA Hair

According to the ancient traditions and culture of Western countries, Halloween (October 31) is the day when demons will appear and capture anyone they see. Because of that people often dress up look like demons to distract them. TodayHalloween is not only a cultural feature but also an occasion for people to express their fashion sense and to dress up as their favorite characters. So that there are many beautiful and unique hairstyles in this day. However, with this change after Halloween, your hair suddenly becomes dry and extremely damaged. You start to feel disappointed because you don’t know how to get your smooth hair back? Let’s read the below article for instructions Halloween hairstyles care.

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Besides the horror clothes, you also design for yourself hairstyles like none other. These hairstyles are combined with accessories making them outstanding more than ever. The long curled platinum blonde hair combined with many spider web or ombre color hairstyles like Harley Quinn will make you unique. All are full of creativity, and extremely attractive to everyone.

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Stage 1: Preventing damage to hair

Your Halloween hairstyle has been used to hot treatments and chemicals so it is damaged, dry. To restore hair, you must stop using these methods of hairstyling and protect your real hair right now. Therefore, the first thing to do in the process of Halloween hairstyles care is to stop applying heat to the hair. Moreover, you should note the following information to prevent hair damaged:

Don’t wash your hair regularly

A lot of shampoos will wash away the natural oils that protect the hair. It makes the outer cuticle layer of the hair more susceptible, creating a feeling of dry and lifeless hair. You should only wash your hair 1-2 times a week. Choose a shampoo for damaged hair or natural ingredients such as lemon, grapefruit peel and you need to avoid shampooing with too hot water.

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Limit hair combing

Combing your hair a lot can cause hair to break out. Therefore, you need to limit the brushing hair when it’s wet and choosing a big tooth comb to minimize hair loss.

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Limit your hairdryer

After washing your hair, you should wipe gently with a soft cloth and then let dry. Don’t abuse the dryer too much because it is not good for your hair. Even the lowest temperature of the dryer will damage further your hair.

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Stage 2: Restoring damaged hair

Hair incubation

You should incubate your hair 2 times/week. This is a recovery step not to be missed when your hair is damaged. You can do it at the hair salon or make your own home using coconut oil, olive, and almonds.

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Apply a natural mask for hair

The nutrients in the hair mask will penetrate each hair strand, helping the hair to recover quickly. Here are the tips to choose a unique mask for each hairstyle:

Curly/straight hair: banana or avocado.

Dry hair: fresh milk or yogurt.

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Moisturizes hair

After shampoo, when the hair is dry you should use natural essential oils to protect hair from the external influences. You can buy them at cosmetic stores or use essential oils such as argan oil, jojoba, etc.

Scalp massage

Massage helps blood flow better, your hair will grow faster and healthier. Not only that, but this way also helps relieve stress totally. You should massage the head daily and combine the use of essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender to get more effective results.

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Stage 3: Protect hair

Always wear a hat and umbrella when going out will be a perfect option to protect your hair. Some factors like sun, rain, snow, fog are also harmful to your hair. When swimming, you should also use a swimming cap. This is to avoid the chlorine chemicals in the pool that can damage the hair. You can also go to a salon to remove a part of damaged hair, stimulate hair regrowth faster. If you worry when haircuts will make you do feel ugly in the time wait for long hair, you can opt for an extension made of human hair, which will look as natural as your real hair. You can choose a length of 16 inch clip in hair extensions to best suit you. MCSARA has all the high-quality hair extensions satisfying all your needs.

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Hopefully, the above sharing will help you to restore damaged hair after Halloween. Don’t forget to refer to the methods to care for damaged hair for you at MCSARA.

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