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As you know, hair extensions play an important role in women’s life because of their convenience and beauty. You can create some wonderful hairstyles to become more and more confident and so stunning like the celebrities. Even your hair is too short or thin or extremely damaged, as long as you have a little hair, MCSARA can help you shine.


MCSARA is one of the best companies in Vietnam which you can trust. We provide hair extensions with a variety of hair color, hairstyle, and texture with suitable prices for International markets. Our hair extensions are Remy hair with all cuticles remained and the hair strands are arranged in the same direction. That is why it is so smooth, glossy and soothing with no chemical, no tangle and no shedding. Hair extension from our company is made of 100% Vietnamese hair, and the hair in Vietnam is one of the most beautiful hairs in the world.

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Now, due to the effects of Covid-19, MCSARA is carrying out many gratitude promotion programs for the customers. MCSARA is having a big sale with discount 7% for all of items to support the customers in the context of covid-19 is widespread worldwide.

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Now, you can refer our Price List here to get more detail!

Consult our curly blonde color with length 26 inch weave hair and visit our product list for more preferences! Hurry up!!! You can invite your friends to visit our website to buy products with amazing offers!

Be beautiful and confident, repel Corona!

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