Short hairstyles for 2020 summer! Part 1  

Beautiful Things About Short Curly Hair

If you always want to go short, it’s time to decide! To get you inspired to make some awesome short haircuts and to help you figure out what to do with your hair once you’ve gone short, MCSARA has hand-picked 100+ totally gorgeous, varied celebrity looks that will act as your spiritual hair guide. Scroll down to see more beautiful moments here!

  1. Jodie Turner-Smith:

The actress Turner-Smith seemed to become a spotlight when she wore this amazing short curls here!

Jodie Turner Smith

  1. Rowan Blanchard:

We can say that this might be a hard task, but I never want Blanchard to grow out her again. There’s no denying the fact that short hair is made for the actress. If you don’t feel like fussing with your hair at all, try this back-swept style to let your makeup steal the show.

Rowan Blanchard

  1. Margot Robbie:

Feast your eyes on Robbie at the 86th Academy Awards, which should have featured a “Best Lob of the Night” award. As we can see, this bright blonde, blunt-cut lob accentuates her neckline so beautifully.

Margot Robbie

  1. Maria Borges:

It makes me happy to see Maria Borges completely owning her natural texture on the red carpet, which is tapered ever-so-slightly to create a soft contrast.

Maria Borges

5. Rose McGowan:

As we can see, McGowan’s wet and wispy texture is taken up several notches because of this shine. This hair is so rocker-chic.

Rose McGowan

6. Irina Shayk:

Long hair Shayk is no longer, and the dramatic change to a sleek, angular bob is for the better. TBH, when you have a breathtaking bone structure like this do you even need hair, to begin with?!?

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Irina Shayk

7. Duckie Thot:

In the below pic, Supermodel Duckie Thot‘s sharp bob shows the timeless beauty of a blunt cut. We can say that this is a “tasteful without trying too hard” style.

Duckie Thot

8. Diane Kruger:

We can say that toying with texture is turns a style into your own. In the below pic, Kruger’s tousled waves are ideal for low-maintenance ladies.

Diane Kruger

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