Taylor Swift Hairstyles Throughout All Albums


Taylor Swift has just released her newest MV “You Need To Calm Down”, adding another memorable milestone to her singing career as she and Katy Perry– the two big rivals have tightly hugged each other in a scene! Such a meaningful moment.

To celebrate this memorable landmark, let’s look back at some important milestones and Taylor Swift hairstyles corresponding to each milestone throughout Taylor’s career from the beginning to now.

2006: The beginning – “Taylor Swift”

After a long time facing many difficulties because the talent isn’t recognized, Taylor Swift signed a contract with Big Machine Records and finally released her debut single- Tim McGraw in 2006. While the whole world is still reeling from pop, rock, and rap, country music is really a novelty. In just a few minutes, Tim McGraw appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 and Country Song charts. The single suddenly won big and Taylor was praised as an American musical phenomenon at the time.

mcsara The beginning Taylor Swift large - MCSARA Hair

After that, the album titled her name – Taylor Swift was released, starting the brilliant music career of Taylor Swift. Album was certified platinum by RIAA. Taylor composed or co-wrote all the songs on her album, reached # 19 on the Billboard chart and sold 39,000 copies in the first week. The album also peaked for eight consecutive weeks at the top of country albums and took the lead 24 out of a total of 91 weeks, helping Taylor to become one of the top country music performers to top disc sales for 20 weeks. Only one year later, she became the youngest musician received the Nashville Musician’s Artist of the Year award.

mcsara The beginning Taylor Swift 1 large - MCSARA Hair

Taylor – this time is still an innocent, energetic teenage girl – had a voluminous blonde curly hairstyle. She looked so dynamic and lovely with this hairstyle, didn’t she?

2008: Success breeds success with “Fearless”

The second studio album – Fearless – was officially released in the US on 11/11/2008. The album peaked at # 1 on Billboard’s HOT 200 for 11 consecutive weeks, becoming the longest-running album since 2000. Immediately after it was released, the album was sold at 592,304 copies in the first week, becoming the fastest-selling album in 2008.

mcsara Success breeds success with Fearless large - MCSARA Hair

Fearless was certified platinum 6 times and the best-selling album in the US, second in the world in 2009. Taylor Swift ranked 69th on Forbes’ most powerful celebrity list, with an income of $ 18 million. In 2010, her ranking rose to 16. She was also voted as 2019’s“Artist of the Years” according to Billboard magazine.

mcsara Success breeds success with Fearless 1 large - MCSARA Hair

No longer a teenage girl, Taylor Swift now had an image of a young girl who was immersed in the sweetness of love. Still keeping the natural blonde color, she changed the hair texture to deep curly, lovely and dreamy.

2010: “Speak now”

mcsara taylor large - MCSARA Hair

Taylor – Speak Now’s 3rd album, released on October 25, 2010. The 14-song album is composed by Taylor herself and tells about her life. The first single Mine was scheduled to be released on August 16, 2010, but it was revealed nearly two weeks before the plan and was forced to release on August 5. In just four days, the song had nearly 300,000 downloads in the first week and debuted at # 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, # 1 Hot Digital Download.

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Taylor still remained the innocent image as the “Princess of country music” with the blonde deep curly hairstyle.

2012:  Change the old image step by step with “Red”

After the resounding success of the previous album, Taylor continued to release the fourth album entitled Red. The album contained pop-country songs, not just pure country songs as the previous albums. This album showed Taylor’s intent to change from “the princess of country music” to “pop music”.

mcsara Change the old image step by step with Red large - MCSARA Hair

28 inches weave hair

The hairstyle was changed corresponding to the “transform” of music style. The fabulous blonde curly was replaced by the blonde layered-cut straight hair and a blunt bang.

2014: Shinning with “1989”

In October 2014, Taylor released a 1989 album, selling 1.28 million copies in its first week in the US, becoming one of the most successful commercial albums in music history since 2002. The album also helped Taylor become the first female artist to have three albums that sold more than 1 million copies in the first week, and proved that the shift from country music Pop music was totally not wrong, precluded the worry of the famous female singer and her boss.

mcsara Shinning with 1989 large - MCSARA Hair

1989 was well received by contemporary music critics, as they embraced her ability to transform her musical style, and the experimental production of the album. This continues to be a music product with great success in terms of the commercial for Taylor Swift.

mcsara Lob hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

With this comeback, Taylor chose the Lob hairstyle as her “partner”. This short hairstyle made her look more mature and stunning.

2017: “Reputation” – “The old Taylor was dead”

mcsara Reputation   The old Taylor was dead large - MCSARA Hair

This album marked a complete change in image, from an innocent girl in the early days of singing to an attractive mature girl and now an image of a “snake”, ” insidious” and formidable. This album is considered Taylor’s response to unfounded criticism from colleagues and journalists. This is not only a strong response but also an important milestone marking the turning point in Taylor’s image. Like Taylor’s famous quote in the MV of the theme song: “Sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now/ Why?/ Oh, Cause she’s dead”.

mcsara slick side parted straight hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

As she molted in her image, sometimes she looked chic and mysterious with the slick side-parted straight hairstyle like this…


… Sometimes she looked wild and sexy with a messy curly texture like this.

2019: The seventh album “Me!”

mcsara The seventh album Me large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara hair color of Taylor large - MCSARA Hair

Take pink as the main color throughout all album and theme song’s MV, Taylor decided to dye hair in blonde-pink ombre. We see a “girly” Taylor has come back, her hair color makes her look beautiful and brilliant like butterflies.

So, what do you think? What is your favorite image of Taylor Swift? Let us MCSARA know by leaving your comments on the comment section below! Or you also have the similar hairstyle to Talor when wearing our hair extensions.

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