The Best Haircut And Hairstyle Ideas For Fall 2019

Get yourself the most stylish appearance with these latest hair trends for fall 2019.

Talking about “hair transformation”, nine times out of ten, most women will think about doing a bleach-job or a shaved head. But sometimes the simple thing is the optimal thing, you may not need to do any complicated work to switch up your look. When it comes to the best fall hairstyles, you don’t have to make a hair revolution to get an impressive update for yourself. For autumn 2019, the trendiest hairstyles still come from the usually-do: a fresh curl, a subtle trim, or a switched-up part; the no-strange work but still, can give an equally transformative effect on your mane. Keep reading, we have gathered the twelve best fall hairstyle ideas that are very simple and easy to make yet extremely charming and fashionable.

Barrettes on Barrettes

With just a handful of chunky barrettes, you have already ready to transform to a red-carpet-ready look in a matter of minutes. Take a small section of hair at the front and sweep it to one side of the head, then stack two identical hairpins in parallel for a modern look like Ashley Graham in this picture, or else you can also mix up different shapes to create an eclectic accent.

Slicked-Back Top

Achieving an elegant yet stylish look for a formal occasion like Zendaya in this picture is very simple to make. The slicked-back roots associating with the loose and wavy ends create an interesting balance between upscale and up done. One more thing, don’t forget to use a mousse for holding your hair in place.

Oversized Headband

Looking at this photo, Laura Harrier proves that just using an oversized headband is enough for you to be ready for an Instagram-worthy hairstyle. The star looks extremely fancy and fashionable in a white suit and a simplified hairdo with the hair is secured by a classic black big headband in the front while letting the long wavy ends free-down on the back. If you want to try on this look of Harrier, remember that the position key of this style is that you should wear the headband right at the hairline and take it over your ear for a less athletic look.

Low-Side Ponytail

The low ponytail is never an old-fashion hairstyle if you know how to diversify it. Kim Kardashian usually leaves her hair down but she never looks rustic for once, not to mention she is one of the lead stars in the fashion world. Tie off your ponytail to one side of your shoulder and create some soft waves on the tail like hers, and you’ve got a feminine and gentle yet stylish up-do for any fall occasion.

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Loose Braids

Margot Robbie’s braided hairdo is a mix of both the ‘60s and ‘90s feel, yet it still feels so right for autumn 2019. No need any complicated instruction, the biggest plus point of this hairstyle is that it takes nothing but just a few minutes to do it yourself.

Low Ballerina Bun

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, never gets the fans disappointed about her hairstyle’s choice. Wrapping all the hair back into a low ballerina bun and show off the highlight that is a strong pair of earrings for an elegant and regal appearance.

Single Barrette

Parted your Lob hair into two uneven parts and secure the deep side with a single metallic barrette placed at the position that just above your temples. Put on a light makeup layer and opt for a patterned flared skirt, and you have already ready to hang out with friends in this pleasant weather of autumn.

Wavy Lob

Loosen down waves make your lob feel a little more deliberate. To achieve this easy-breezy look of Kendall Jenner, you will need to do some S-curls with a flat iron or curling iron with a large barrel. Remember to apply some hairspray to hold the texture longer.

Retro Bangs

Sophie Turner looks a bit strange yet super feminine and stylish in this new hairstyle. Heavy bangs with face-framing layered-cut bring an elegant yet charming feeling. This hairstyle is not only suitable for any length of hair, from short-, mid-, or long-haired but also for any face shape, especially the round face as the blunt bangs will create an illusion of having a smaller face.

The look will turn out best if you have thick hair, consider using MCSARA’s 16-inch clip in hair to add more volume for hair!

Voluminous Curls

Everyone loves having dramatic ringlets for fall just like Ciara in this picture. For a more modern and not too messy look, take a cue from Ciara to keep the few inches that are closest to the roots sleek so that the volume only builds through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

Angular Bob

A little bit the ‘80s mixed with a little bit Daria, Tessa Thompson’s voluminous curls bob gives an impressive and unique look that can capture every opposite eye.

Baby Bangs

This trend of bangs has been creating a “fever” among Asian women and fall 2019 seems not an exception.

Hopefully, this post has helped you to get inspired to choose a fabulous hairstyle in the upcoming fall of 2019. Wishing you quickly have a beautiful hairstyle as desired.

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