After a cool and freezing winter of long hair, you must have a strong desire for spicing your locks up. And you know you definitely deserve it. There is no better way to welcome radiant sunlight and hot weather than with a new hair look.  Moreover, your hair has even been growing out all winter long. It is so dull for you to embrace your long mane and does not change when the summer is just around the corner. Whether you want to transform your hair by lopping off the major length or just simple switch up your usual look by a new texture of unique hair hues. There is a wide range of trendy haircuts, textures or hair colors in summer 2019. It doesn’t matter if you have waves, curls, or straight hair or you think of some curtain bangs or a sharp bob even a pixie style that shave off two sides, just be happy and confident to show it off. Whatever styles are, you should take hairstylists’ recommendations into consideration. Be ready to keep your hair looking fresh out of the salon. In this post, we’ve rounded up the most flattering summer haircuts that you can take some inspo from the list. Keep scrolling down to find out which one is the best hairdo for your face shape.

  1. Sophie Turner’s Curtain Bangs

mcsara Sophie Turner s Curtain Bangs large - MCSARA Hair

The coolest haircuts for 2019 summer: Sophie Turner’s Curtain Bangs

If you don’t want to switch up your length, so looking for a set of fake bangs like Sophie Turner wearing on a press tour for the latest X Men film is an absolutely perfect idea. You cannot find a simpler hairstyle than this one. Moreover, this cut is the best option for all types of face shape since it is truly stunning and easy to create. The bangs length is just right the tops of eyelashes, some layers will frame your face, cover the roundness as well as accentuate your features.

  1. Kim Kardashian’s Long Lob

mcsara Kim Kardashian s Long Lob large - MCSARA Hair

The coolest haircuts for 2019 summer: Kim Kardashian’s Long Lob

You can really go wrong with a shoulder-grazing lob that Kim Kardashian West has worn recently.  Remember to ask your hairstylist to keep the ends al little curly. This haircut is even super easy to make at home by taking advantage of a round brush and a dryer.  Kim is always the hottest trendsetter for every fashion trend in the world. The ’90s trend is backed up again and continues to flood on Instagram in the summer of 2019.

  1. Bebe Rexha’s Barrettes Crazy


The coolest haircuts for 2019 summer: Bebe Rexha’s Barrettes Crazy

Trying out a jaw-skimming cut this summer for a playful, fully-energized versatile vibe.  The transition of a dark color to blonde one emphasizes the style which makes her look even both stylish and functional. Using a lot of barrettes to insecure hair back to create a side-swept look and accentuate her face.

  1. Gemma chan’s Romantic Updo

mcsara Gemma chan s Romantic Updo large - MCSARA Hair

The coolest haircuts for 2019 summer:  Gemma chan’s Romantic Updo

A romantic updo with sparkling accessories is always one of the great options for a formal event. The undo is even more polish and elegant if you match with the gentle gown. A beaded headband is a huge commitment that will enhance her grace look. Let some strands lose down to cover your large forehead.

  1. Brie Larson ’s Wavy Lob

mcsara Brie Larson s Wavy Lob large - MCSARA Hair

The coolest haircuts for 2019 summer: Brie Larson’s Wavy Lob

The “Captain Marvel” actress has debuted her new look this summer. Her stunning shoulder-grazing lob has been one of the most flexible and versatile haircuts as it can be worn in so many situations. The darker and dimensional dirty blonde paired with natural makeup look makes her universally flattering in this pic. She also takes tucked-behind-the-ear style and lets them loose naturally which is the best option for those hot summer days.

  1. Jenifer Lopez’s High Pony

mcsara Jenifer Lopez s High Pony large - MCSARA Hair

The coolest haircuts for 2019 summer: Jenifer Lopez’s High Pony

Who says summer cannot grow out your hair. There is a variety of hairstyles for long tresses, the high ponytail is a typical example. You can catch sight of many girls with high ponytail in the gym day since this hairdo is super easy and time-saving type. There is a higher tendency for a ponytail when the temperature is higher. Especially, girls with ultra-long hair, why don’t you try on this simple hairstyle for summer days. You can gather all hair at the crown of your head in a sleek ponytail or just half-up ponytail.

  1. Kelsy Merri’s Loose Waves

mcsara Kelsy Merri s Loose Waves large - MCSARA Hair

The coolest haircuts for 2019 summer: Kelsy Merri’s Loose Waves

Summer does not mean you cannot embrace your long mane. If you don’t want to chop off your long hair, let switch up the texture. A center-parted beachy texture will bring all the attention in the summer. This hairstyle is a great addition to the summer style because of beachy wavy hair. Moreover, the fame-facing wavy give your hair bouncy and gorgeous look. Keep in mind to use a large curling iron to create this hair idea.

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There are some of our recommendations for the coolest haircuts 2019 summer hairstyles that you can add to your must-try list this summer.  Find out the best for your look and go-ahead to the salon to ask for one of them that gonna transform your appearance entirely. Please, support MCSARA hair and follow us to read other posts related to the latest hairstyle trends, hottest hair color as well as tips to care your mane. If you are looking for hair extensions, then visit our MCSARA. com to get further information. Our enthusiastic staffs are always willing to help you seek the perfect match with your natural hair ever.

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