Tips To Properly Take Care Of Hair After Curling And Dyeing

Tips To Properly Take Care Of Hair After Curling And Dyeing - MCSARA Hair

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Haircare after styling: The following notes will help you get beautiful hair after the curling, dyeing process while keeping the hair color and texture more durable.

  1. Don’t wash your hair right away

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This is the immutable principle for newly styled hair. If you wash your hair right after you have curled or dyed, styling chemicals that have not yet penetrated your hair can be washed off immediately.

Therefore, except for force majeure circumstances, you must not wash your hair within 24 hours of bending – dyeing, otherwise, your hair will return to its original shape and color, or worse damage your newly created hairstyle, which is difficult to accept bad results.

  1. Do not wash your hair too often

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If you have a habit of daily shampooing, it is best to practice abandoning this habit if you decided to bend – dye. Because of the amount of natural oil that the scalp releases daily will help moisturize your hair. If you wash your hair daily, this amount of oil will not be enough to nourish the strands, therefore drying out your hair. Moreover, washing hair too often will also cause the hair color to fade and the curls to be straightened quickly.

Ideally, you should wash about 2-3 times per week and use a gentle shampoo, specifically for chemically treated hair, to minimize damage.

  1. Use a regular conditioner

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Conditioner is an essential product to moisturize and repair damaged hair. However, you need to use the right conditioner for newly styled hair, because if you opt for a wrong product, that conditioner will cause hair to be straightened quickly.

Ideally, you should use the specialized product line, gentle for damaged hair. Just a sufficient amount will make the hair absorb well and create a protective effect that is suitable for the hair, without affecting the curly texture or dyed hair color.

  1. Wash and rinse with cold water

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Hot water will cause the hair follicles to expand, causing the styling and coloring materials to wash away faster, while at the same time causing more hair damage. So, if possible, try shampooing and rinsing your hair with cold water to keep the chemicals and dyes in the hair longer, while also making the hair smoother.

If the weather is too cold, try to choose a moderately warm water temperature, do not wash with too hot water.

  1. Do not use hair wipes

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The habit of wiping the hair with towels is, of course, better than using a hairdryer, however, if you use a towel to rub your hair, it can cause hair to get damaged easily and cause styling, coloring chemicals to be pushed out of hair due to friction. So the best way to dry your hair with a towel is to wrap your hair over your head until it’s dry. However, this method can be quite time-consuming, so you should try to brush your hair dry after shampooing.

  1. Use hair cream

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Using hair care masks can be quite time-consuming. Instead, you can choose hair care creams that are equally effective, which only takes you about 5 to 15 minutes of incubation, then rinse them off immediately.

  1. Use a non-alcoholic moisturizer

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Choose non-alcoholic moisturizers that won’t dry your hair. If you choose the right gel or cream, your hair will reduce tangles, split ends due to the impact of heat or chemicals, or can even be added protein lost due to damage in just a short of time.

  1. Use a wide-tooth comb

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Ordinary combs are the enemies of curly hair. You need to buy a wide-tooth comb to become a new best friend for your curls, to keep the hair in the fold without “tearing” your fussy curls.

  1. Trimming hair every 4-6 weeks

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Every 4 to 6 weeks, you should trim your hair once to keep it healthy, while creating a fresh look for the curls, making the old curls look fluffier and remove the slip ends. With this period, this trimmed hair will not too affect the length of the hair and keep your hairstyle shaped longer.

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