The hot days are not only inconvenient when going out but also entail a lot of troubles for girls. For example, when preparing for the appearance to go out, the hair has just carefully groomed then will immediately be messed up under the sun and wind, not only that, it is also sticky because of sweat or other objective problems. The hot weather caused many ladies to worry about their image and “long hair in the summer” seems to have been and is always a big concern for many girls. However, don’t worry because everything has its own way, your problem will be much simpler if you know how to style your hair properly.

Here are some fast hairstyles that help you deal with hot sunny days to be ready for a neat, charming and elegant image no matter how hot the weather is.

Neatly braided hairstyles

mcsara Neatly braided hairstyles large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Neatly braided hairstyles1 large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Neatly braided hairstyles3 large - MCSARA Hair

This simple braided hairstyle will be a great “lifeline” for you when you have to go out in the hot sun. The tails of the hair are neatly trimmed to help you relieve the heat and avoid being entangled. Moreover, this plaited hairstyle always ensures neatness, femininity, and gracefulness even when you wear or remove your sunscreen shirt many times.

mcsara simple braided hairstyle 1 large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara simple braided hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara simple braided hairstyle 2 large - MCSARA Hair

You can also “break the old order” a bit with the braided hairdo on both sides like this. A little “naughty”, but you will definitely look younger and more dynamic – just like the spirit of summer.

Hair tied in a ponytail

mcsara Hair tied in a ponytail large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Hair tied in a ponytail1 large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Hair tied in a ponytail2 large - MCSARA Hair

In the hot summer season, every girl must just tuck their hair up to prevent her hair from becoming messy. The Ponytail is more than just a neat hairstyle, but through many fashion seasons, this hairstyle is always on the list of remarkable beauty trends. There are two types of ponytail: low ponytail and high ponytail, if the high-tied hair brings a fresh dynamic appearance, the low-tied ponytail creates a gentle feminine feeling for the meek girls.

mcsara Ponytail bf9069ad e3ed 4427 a06f c69f930378fc large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara LOW PONYTAIL large - MCSARA Hair

This summer, “raise the level” for this familiar hairstyle with a large piece of silk scarf, the hot-hit 90s accessory has just returned. A soft silk scarf with bright outstanding colors will create a sweetness feel, eye-catching accents for your appearance.

Hair bun / tie the tail part

mcsara Hair bun tie the tail part 299347e2 d447 428c 9603 bcb0c63fd49d large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Hair bun tie the tail part large - MCSARA Hair

In the summer, the scorching heat seemed to dominate everything, the people were afraid to go out and the girls were even afraid to take care of their appearance. No one has the mind to lose their hair down or create cumbersome hairstyles, just want to grab their hair up to relieve the heat. Indeed on hot days like this, the long hair girls are the most miserable, but fortunately, we have the savior with the name of the “bun”. This is the “divine” hairstyle of the summer: cool but still beautiful, neat but still young, and don’t have to be disparaging anything.

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mcsara Hair bun large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara tie the tail part large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Hair bun tie the tail part 0d48e55b f3e6 42dd a99d 0d4c52771b1b large - MCSARA Hair

As mentioned above, bun hairstyle always scores with neat, elegant and luxurious features for young girls. In the hot summer, high bun style is the best solution to help girls feel cool and more comfortable. You can do a high bun or low bun to make yourself look cute or charming, aristocratic. A few light strands of hair also contribute to the softness and naturalness of the bun hairstyle in hot summer days.mcsara bun hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair


mcsara bun hairstyle 1 large - MCSARA Hair

Onion Bun

For girls who “eat a lot just to feed their hair”, the most convenient is the onion bun hairstyle. Hair with onion bun with bangs or not is all pretty in its own way. To handle “baby hair” from being hovered or felt on the nape, spray some hairspray into a toothbrush that you don’t use and brush it lightly to “get rid of” them.

mcsara onion bun hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara onion bun hairstyle1 large - MCSARA Hair

This year, high-chignon hair with a turban or ice-patterned silk scarf continues to make “fever”, being tested by girls from Asia to Europe. Don’t be afraid to choose the brilliantly colored turban/headbands, it must be outstanding to match the excitement of summer!

Haft-tied hairstylesmcsara Haft tied hairstyles1 large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Haft tied hairstyles large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Haft tied hairstyles2 large - MCSARA Hair

For both short-haired and long-haired girls who want their hair being neat and looking cool during summer days. Do not think only short hair is cool, for summer, even if the hair is short or long, it is still very hot. Bob or lob with “baby hair” touching the nape also makes you feel uncomfortable and hot.

With long-hair girls, the haft-tied hairstyle is a great way to handle all the strands of loose hair fluttered in front of your forehead, enhance the femininity without being affected by the hot temperature in the summer.

There are some ideas to handle the hot summer days while still looking stunning and feminine with long hair. Have you chosen any favorite hairstyle yet? In case your hair is too short but you still want to experiment with these long hairstyles, don’t forget our MCSARA’s hair extensions are always here to help you. Why don’t you come to our store for more information?

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