A small pretty silk scarf, besides using to adorn the costumes you are wearing on yourself, by lightly tying a bow tie at the neck, tied at the wrist or attaching it to the bag straps …, this familiar item is also an extremely gentle and vintage-style accessory when dotted in the ladies’ hair.

Together with MCSARA discovering some beautiful hairstyles with the silk scarf as follow:


mcsara Ponytail 0a7f711d c1ed 45ab 9df9 04982b1ede82 large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Ponytail hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara low ponytail 1bbe3133 26c7 49e0 a4cc 63ef02e7a137 large - MCSARA Hair

Hair tied in a low ponytailhigh ponytailhaft-tied ponytail or in a high bun … just need to be “transformed” with a thin, soft silk bandage, then no matter how simple your hairstyle is, it will become sweet, gentle, and enchanting. No need to describe much, just look at the pictures below and you will understand how a beautiful hairstyle can enchant people, once you look, you just want to watch forever.

A girly, elegant ponytail is the simplest choice for long-haired girls in the summer. The silk scarf replaces the “boring, fuzzy” hair bands to become the focal point to help their hair’s tails become more nostalgic.

For those who like the gentle simplicity but absolutely elegant feminine, a small beautiful silk scarf strip or a thin, light, tight string will be a perfect choice. Neither do they need to go up in a manner that is too sophisticated or outstanding; just the simplicity and sexiness are enough to help the hair look beautiful and arrogant than ever.


mcsara Bun d20abf95 12e5 4463 8825 573a1c2d0fed large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Bun hair large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Bun hairdo large - MCSARA Hair

Don’t be confused with the use of a turban, with a neat bun, you can still use a silk scarf by gently tying it around the bun. If the low-bun style is a gentle and profound definition of vintage for ladies, then the high-bun tied with a silk scarf is somewhat liberal and disruptive for those who have a vibrant and full of energy.

Garlic bun hairstyle

mcsara Garlic bun hairstyle large - MCSARA Hair

The Garlic hairstyle will be cuter than ever with a lovely colored silk scarf. First, you tie the ponytail as usual, then tie one end of the silk scarf to the ponytail. Continue, divide the hair into 2 parts and braid 2 pieces of this hair along with the scarf. Finally, round up the ends of your hair to create a shape of garlic bun. Use your hand to pull your hair out a little to make it look more natural and soft.

Medium hair bun

mcsara Medium hair bun large - MCSARA Hair


– Step 1: Divide the hair into 3 parts, 2 parts near the ear and the middle part. The middle part takes more hair.

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– Step 2: Slip the silk scarf under the lower curls.

– Step 3: Tie two curls on two sides together, overlap the silk strip and the middle strand.

– Step 4: Forcing to fold the ends of the hair upwards then use a silk scarf to tie the knot to fix the hair.

– Step 5: Tuck neatly the tail of the silk strip under the bun.

Rose bun

mcsara Rose bun large - MCSARA Hair

– Steps 1, 2, 3: You brave your hair on both sides. Braid from the hairline to create a flap, for a more beautiful hairstyle.

– Step 4,5,6: Put the silk scarf in the roots of 2 braids.

– Step 7,8,9: After that, put the scarf into each slot of two pigtails. Then tie two braids and push the ends of the hair inward, use pins to fix them.

Low bun + ponytail

mcsara Low bun ponytail large - MCSARA Hair

Proceed to tie the ponytail as usual but in the last step instead of pulling the tail completely out of the hairband, you only pull half and tie the half tail to shape the bun. Next, use your hands to unscrew this bun on both sides naturally.

Finally, use a piece of silk scarf to cover the part of the hairband and create a lovely bow.

Half-up haft-down and braided hair

mcsara Half up haft down and braided hair large - MCSARA Hair

mcsara Half up haft down and braided hairdo large - MCSARA Hair

But no matter how gentle the other hairstyle is, it is impossible to compare to half-haired and braided hair. From the simple way of tying/braiding, the hairstyle has brought a sweet beauty, a gentle and peaceful look; adding a silk scarf to accentuate the classic deep vintage. True, the more you watch, the more you will love this style. There isn’t a guy who doesn’t indulge the girl with this hairstyle.

After consulting the ways of embellishing the hair with the silk scarf above, the stylish girls must have added new suggestions for their own style to enhance their fashion sense perfectly and capture every look of the opposite person. In case you really want to try these hairstyles out but your hair is too short and difficult to be styled with a silk scarf. Don’t worry because MCSARA’s hair extensions will help you solve this matter. Come to our store for more information and we bet you won’t regret it. Wish you are always beautiful with our recommendations and don’t forget to visit MCSARA’s website if you want to read more update about hairstyles, hair care, etc.

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