Unique Hairstyles At New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019

Unique Hairstyles At New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2019 - MCSARA Hair

Which hairstyles are predicted to be the trend of 2019? This is the most question that everybody wants to know. Fashion Week, which is not only a special event for noble class but also an opportunity for beauty believers to watch, refer to make-up layouts, have beautiful hairstyles from the famous makeup artists.

In New York, Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019, more than 60 fashion houses from all over the world showcased their new collections and also introduced to the guess many interesting and unique hairdressing. Here the public is known for many new hairstyles expressing the unlimited creativity of stylists.

The public follows fashion shows not only for flashy clothes but also for the creative playground of many famous hairstylists. In the spirit of “hair is also part of the costume”, people have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of exclusive hairstyles that contribute to the beauty of the dress.

Here are 10 attractive and most stylish hairstyles of fashionable brands, from many shows in New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019.

1. Anna Sui

mcsara anna sui large - MCSARA Hair

In New York fashion week Fall-Winter 2019, Anna Sui chose an extremely hairstyle with colorful, tangled and sprayed wig to keep the appearance of personality that is the distinctive style of this fashion brand.

2. Helmut Lang

mcsara helmut lang large - MCSARA Hair

Makeup manager Holli Smith designed the elegant hair layout for models in Helmut Lang’s show. Hairstyle combing the scalp pressed backward creates a rock-chic look full of rebellion.

3. Proenza Schouler 

mcsara Proenza Schouler large - MCSARA Hair

Proenza Schouler has always focused on makeup and hair, especially each model has a different layout to highlight the beauty of the face shape. In New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019, this brand introduces natural hairstyles looking like wash and dry hair.

4. Tory Burch

mcsara Tory Burch large - MCSARA Hair

This year, the brand Tory Burch introduced a mix of classic and modern inspiration. Therefore, Guido Palau’s hairstylist created a braided hairstyle from the top of the head to the hairline. This hairstyle was inspired by Guido from the characters in the classic Avatar movie.

5. Carolina Herrera

mcsara Carolina Herrera large - MCSARA Hair

Classic inspiration has always been a key element in the Carolina Herrera collection. In Fall Winter 2019, the models are all dressed in colorful prints with simple curls.

6. Ulla Johnson

mcsara Ulla Johnson large - MCSARA Hair

Esther Langham hairstyling expert uses gel to hold her hair in the fold, then splits her hair and forms unique knots, fixing it with a low-tied ponytail. With a little clever, you can also create your own hairstyle.

7. Tadashi Shoji

mcsara Tadashi Shoji large - MCSARA Hair

The supermodel of Tadashi Shoji has a fairly simple hairstyle, expert Kevin Ryan uses a product to style the hair into sticky, fixed by a low tie to pay attention to the wings and sparkling makeup style.

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8. Noon By Noor

mcsara Noon By Noor large - MCSARA Hair

In keeping with the summer theme, Paolo Soffiatti prefers to style the model, giving the hair a fluffy, relaxed feel.

9. Tom Ford

mcsara Tom Ford large - MCSARA Hair

Supermodel Gigi Hadid appeared on the stage of Tom Ford with an elegant low bun hairstyle, suitable for luxurious, feminine clothes. Also at the show, Kaia Gerber looks striking with a matching scarf and costume and a unique chignon left behind.

mcsara tom ford model large - MCSARA Hair

10. Nonie

mcsara Nonie large - MCSARA Hair

The low-tied ponytail seems to be very popular during this New York Fashion Week. At the back of the Nonie showroom, stylist Justine Marjan uses a lot of accessories like spandex and hairpins to style the supermodels.

Besides, other brands have different hairstyles like thick bangs and iridescent lips, all part of a typical style from Jeremy Scott, the supermodel’s long hair was left aside by experts at the Area bun show while leaving a part of the hair down, revealing a sleek and smooth hair.

Remember that no matter what hairstyle you choose, consider the health of your hair. If you do not take care of your hair carefully, it will make your hair more severe and reduce its inherent beauty. To prevent hair loss, you should follow these useful simple steps:

1, Use the correct comb with the hairstyle you currently have

2, Use proper shampoo and conditioner

3, Do not use strength to wash your hair, which means you should gently wash your hair to avoid hair loss and scalp damage.

4, Avoid direct hair exposure to the sun because your hair will quickly dry and lint when you are in the sun for too long without a hair protection method.

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