Unique Hairstyles For Electrical Daisy Carnival 2019

With the main symbol of a huge colorful owl, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a series of festivals organized by “the boss of electronic music events” Insomniac. This year, this biggest music festival is held in Las Vegas. With the exception of many venues in US cities, EDC also has a number of other destinations, including Britain, Mexico, and Brazil. To join this special festival, girls needed to style a wide range of unique hairstyles that show off their hair beauty perfectly.

Here are some gorgeous amazing hairstyles.

  1. Braid hair

Braided hairstyles have been around since the dawn of time, and whether they’re fishtail, waterfall, milkmaid, or the tried-and-true French braid. Braids are chic, simple and a commitment-free way to change up your style or even just look put together when you don’t have time to wash your hair. It will be a good choice for yourself with some beautiful hair accessories like clips, crowns, headbands…

Curly waterfall braid style brings a romantic look with plenty of impacts.

Another choice for you is the wild and free texture of this long, braided style, especially the crimped ends running through the lengths. Braid wet hair with a touch of pomade before you sleep, then shake braids out when you wake up for amazing waves and texture.

Fishtail braids were made to be rocked for girls with long hair, particularly when you pair them with fierce retro eye makeup. Be sure to pull the ends out so they can fly away, lending a rocker edge to the style.

  1. Bob hair

Bob haircut is a marvelous solution for thin locks with EDC festival. You just need to choose the right type of this cut. Styling with beautiful hair colors to get an amazing hairstyle.

There are so many different types of bobs. Not only can you wear your bobs sleek but you can also wear them curly. Adding curls to your bob or wearing your natural curls in a bob style is a great way to spice up your hair look. So if you’ve got curly hair don’t worry you can rock the bob hair look too.

Bob hairstyle does not have to be straight, nor do they have to be curly. You can wear your hair somewhere in between with a wavy look.

The sleek bob offers a classic look that looks modern yet almost futuristic. For those looking for a simple and straight look, this bob hairstyle is perfect for you.


  1. Curly hair

In term of curly hair, you can mix with some types of hair like bob hair, wavy hair, pixie hair with different hair lengths.

With a layered cut suitable for your curl pattern and a couple of quick hairstyles you will always look your best because curly textures really rule the hair world.

If you are sick of your old style, there is no better way to change your look then adding some loose curls. You can use loose curls with any hair length unless of course, you have a very short pixie. The beachy way is one that you are sure to want to try this summer.

The loose curl is a relaxed hairdo that looks good for a casual day as well as an interesting festival like EDC 2019. The style can be worn anywhere; it is very versatile.

  1. Wavy hair

It is safe to say that wavy hair is seriously on-trend. It does not matter if you don’t naturally have wavy hair or you do, there are several alterations to the style that will suit any woman.

The key to a trendy short wavy bob is how your hair is cut. For a different thickness of hair, try a new layering technique. We love the feathery layers throughout the ends of the hair for a messy, almost bedhead look. Style hair with a deep part for added drama, and spritz the roots with a sea salt spray to amplify your waves.

pixie cut can be whatever you want it to be. Short all over or longer throughout the front, you can go for the bedhead look, or opt for something sleek and chic.

  1. Straight hairstyle

The sleek ponytail has the shaded brown shines. The smooth finesse enhances the hairdo and gives a very elegant impression.

The knot is intricately tied making the hairdo eccentrically attractive. The elegance is radiated by this hairdo.

The two-layered hairdos with a sleek character are the very distinct and sensual hairstyles for long straight hair.


Styling with hair colors such as blonde, platinum, pink… can highlight your beautiful hairstyle. To prepare carefully for Electrical Daisy Carnival, there are many choices of hair extensions as well as hair colors that our MCSARA provided. How about you? Do you want to own our high-quality 22 inch tape in hair extensions that are hot trend hairstyles?

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