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Zendaya No makeup Gorgeous Natural Beauty - MCSARA Hair

Zendaya No makeup Gorgeous Natural Beauty large result - MCSARA Hair


The Spider-man’s Girlfriend has never disappointed us about her beauty, whether with or without makeup. Keep reading to know more about this young star when she is totally makeup-free!

Who is Zendaya?

Zendaya is a young rising star who is well-known for her role as the girlfriend of Spider-man in the movie Spider-man: Far From Home’. However, since she is not a veteran actress in the Hollywood world, there may be not everyone knows about this talented lady. Let me first introduce to you the primary information of Zendaya before getting to know more about her natural beauty.

Born in 1996, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, also known as Zendaya, is one of the most famous actresses and singers right now. She first came in fame in 2010 with the television comedy ‘Shake It Up’ before rising to a worldwide star by starring in the blockbusters such as ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’. From the brief introduction, you can pretty much guess that this is a lady of many talents and one of those include her natural beauty as well. In this article, we will focus mainly on emphasizing the inborn beauty of this young talent through some iconic makeup-free pictures of her. Have a look!

[1] Looking fancy

Looking fancy ee69eec4 2792 4f61 9d12 5e6bff6d0074 large result - MCSARA Hair

Although this photo does not show the actress’s completely bare face, it still deserves to be considered one of her best no-makeup photos. She went minimal makeup and only applied a bit of eyeliner for more appealing eyes, the rest of the face hadn’t had a sign of cosmetic. Not glamorous and sophisticated like when wearing makeup, the singer looked fresh and lovely while rocking her bare face. The hair was delicately wrapped up into a top knot with a sunglasses bared at the crown as an accessory, Zendaya looked as fashionable as ever!

[2] With and without makeup

With and without makeup 212ac40c cbf2 4b3d b281 b1ab3ca083a5 large result - MCSARA Hair

Look at this comparison, it clearly shows that, Zendaya with and without makeup brings totally different feels. If the no-makeup look on the left side gives a familiar feeling, with the natural wavy brunette hair left loose down freely and wearing glasses, Zendaya looked like a new college student. Once putting makeup on, Zendaya immediately turns back into a Hollywood star, who always appears glamorously and fancily.

[3] Mischievous posing

Mischievous posing large result - MCSARA Hair

Who would care to put on those heavy makeup layers while enjoying a fun snow day with friends? Zendaya in this picture, although didn’t wear any enhancing beauty product, still looked very radiant and happy spending her wintertime with friends. Being a noticeable rising star, Zendaya must be busy dealing with her hectic schedule, and we all know that the entertainment industry always involves the dark side, so it’s so glad to see the young actress still can be back with her true natural self behind the aura of work like this.

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[4] Kissing face

Kissing face 814f84c4 b9fb 4639 a532 8e8eb8d2d3d6 large result - MCSARA Hair

Zendaya looks so gorgeous showing her love for fans through a kissing selfie. Still, opt for a comfortable and convenient style for the casual time, it seems that Zendaya prefers either to leave her hair loose down freely or create a top bun for a neat yet stylish look. And in such close-up picture like this, it’s clearer how perfect and smooth her skin is, even though there’s no makeup as well as no beauty filter, Zendaya’s natural beauty still shines brightest.

[5] Simple yet stylish while walking down the street

Simple yet stylish while walking down the street large result - MCSARA Hair

People have already known and always admired Zendaya’s beautifulness and it seems like Zendaya herself also knows about this fact. That’s the reason why the young actress always can be confidently show off her bare face any time she wants. This selfie seems to be taken while Zendaya was enjoying her time-off going shopping. Still associating with an idiosyncratic style and the face was totally makeup-free, this time our famous star had changed her hairstyle a bit for a fresher look. If the natural wavy hair is full of charisma, the top bun hairdo brings a modern and stylish feel, then the straight brunette lob hairstyle like Zendaya’s in this photo gives the actress a perfect feminine and elegant look. There’s no doubt, she is probably one of the best-looking women of all time!

[6] Rock-star look

Rock star look large result - MCSARA Hair

Doesn’t Zendaya look so precious when there’s no enhancing beauty product covering her face? The Hollywood rising star’s charisma has been completely conveyed through this picture. Although there’s no support from such thing as powder, lipstick, etc. Zendaya still looks glowing with the flawless tan skin and the radiant smile on the lips. Even the sunlight seems to be here just to shine and brighten the natural beauty of the actress. Her signature messy curly brunette hair this time is pulled back and neatly tied into a half bun style, with a small section of hair at the front is left loose down into the side bangs, giving Zendaya a unique yet appealing look.

Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup

Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup 6 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup 1 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup 2 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup 3 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup 4 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup 5 large result - MCSARA Hair



Some more pictures of Zendaya no makeup 7 large result - MCSARA Hair

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