Discover your mysterious beauty through hairstyles of Ashley Graham

Discover your mysterious beauty through hairstyles of Ashley Graham - MCSARA Hair

Ashley Graham - MCSARA Hair

Every person sets a model for themselves from clothes to hairstyles. Several people in the world consider their celebrities as ideal models to follow. Lustrous hairstyles of Ashley Graham is also a typical example for the young generations from all the countries in this beautiful planet to learn. Remarkably, when it comes to Ashley Graham, no one can’t skip her hair drama for sexy date night. This article will provide loads of volume from ponies to retro waves for your evolving arsenal. We ensure that you will thank us because of those impressive hairstyles. Note them down and bring them with you every exciting journey.

Messy wavy lob

wavy lob - MCSARA Hair

This is the hairstyle that Ashley Graham used with the role of a judge in cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model. With the shiny wavy lob chopped off, she completely sparkles in every step. And we all just know to whine to the unfair world, “How gorgeous her hair is!” Her stylist, Fitzsimons used Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo to create lived-in waves and a messy look instead of applying a texturizing spray. The reason is that that texturizing spray can give a sticky and heavy look and the translucent dry shampoo will bring softness and sexiness for users.

High ponytail

High ponytail 2 - MCSARA Hair

With a high wavy ponytail messed up, Ashley looks much younger than wearing long hair. This hairstyle highlights her perfect appearance with deep glistening eyes, a high nose, and a beautiful angle. No word can express her cool look when looking at this photo.

Blunt-cut haircut

Blunt cut haircut - MCSARA Hair

The American model surprised everyone by a different blunt-cut haircut at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in NYC. Her stylist, Renato Campora snipped three inches from her long locks to freshen her look for the wonderful evening. It is undeniable that this messy haircut brings a new and fresh beauty that is full of life for Ashley.

Brown wavy hair

Brown wavy hair - MCSARA Hair

The combination of sexy waves and a red dress deeply cut with a V-line builds up a striking young Ashley Graham. The brown color of her hair also plays a vital role in accentuating her admirable white complexion as well as her elegant beauty.

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Light brown long straight hair

straight hair 1 - MCSARA Hair

Sometimes simple things make a great result. In this light brown long straight hair, the American model doesn’t need to style waves, curls, or fussy braids while she still shines like a diamond. Looking at this sleek and smooth hairstyle, it is enough to see her commitment to her hair as well as her body. And we just know to speak loudly “Wow!!! Why could her hair be perfect in such an impressive way?” We can’t find fault in this appearance since everything seems to work together flawlessly.

Bun hairstyle

Bun hairstyle - MCSARA Hair

This sweet hairstyle can be one of the magic weapons in keeping your youth. No one can guess the real age of Ashley through this lovely bun since she looks anti-aging. Looking at this picture, we can easily make mistakes for her images in the years of starting her career. 

Straight lob with a middle parting

Straight lob - MCSARA Hair

Combining straight lob with a middle parting is one of the smart options to hide imperfect parts in your face. Ashley’s face looks much slenderer since her square jaw is hidden under luxuriant locks. Overall, she seems to be more graceful and gentle when wearing this hairstyle. The brown color of her hair quite suits her sparkling dress.

We have introduced some awesome hairstyles of the American model – Ashley Graham that you should try if you are keen on owning a stunning hairstyle. It is not difficult to make them and you can change regularly. Don’t worry about whether they are well-matched with your face or not as they can go with every type of face from round to oval. You will own a sexy but modern appearance if wearing those amazing hairstyles. Pick one and make a new difference for your beauty.

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