Glamour Waves-Part Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the most popular sex symbol of the 20th century. Her blonde retro waves, along with her beauty spot and pouty red lips are her trademark. Her hairstyle became part of her image and it never goes out of style. Until these days, after nearly a haft century of her death, we still remember her style and so do many of today’s celebrities. Do you want to style your hair like 1940s hair, inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic glamour waves? Here are some tricks for you to get the perfect Marilyn Monroe hairstyle.
A short life-story of Marilyn Monroe, a legend, a symbol of femininity, class, style and timeless elegance

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Not only did Marilyn Monroe give us one of the most iconic 1940s hairstyles; she was also an actress with a knack for comedy, a singer with a distinctive voice (‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’), and she was quick on the trigger with witty responses (Q: Did you really have nothing on? Marilyn Monroe: Of course, the radio!) She grew up with the name Norma Jean Baker. Her agent advised her to change her name to Marilyn Monroe (after the musical star Marilyn Miller and the maiden name of her mother). More significantly, she colored her brown-blonde hair and then soon became the woman of many men’s dreams. Her appeal was and still is unrivaled. Men idolize her and women want to be or at least look like her. Little wonder! Marilyn Monroe sure made an appearance wherever she went. There was a special aura around her beautiful face and figure. It made her alluring and glamorous. Unfortunately, her appeal and talent never completely erased the self-image of her childhood. Inside, Marilyn was fragile, unsure of herself, and fearful.

Way to get glamorous Marilyn Monroe hairstyle

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Glamour waves work particularly well on hair that is around shoulder length, and hair that’s a bit longer, is wonderful, too. The retro-style glamour waves go well with bright red lips and black eyeliner. So, how to create this hairdo?

  1. Collect your tools

Choosing the right tools and products is really the hardest part of getting a Marilyn Monroe inspired hairstyle. We will need: Rattail comb, Small round brush, Sectioning lips, Curling iron, and Hairspray as well as a smoothing serum if you have frizzy hair

  1. Prepare your hair

Your hair must be in a clean, wet condition. Comb out any tangles. Part your hair to a side and blow your hair, softly lifting hair from the roots with your fingers.

  1. Using curling iron

Till your hair is completely dry and the rollers are hot, it is time to roll. You can either start curling your hair from the front or from the back. It is your decision. But if you’ve just tried this hairstyle for the first time, maybe starting from the back and leaving the most important part for last is much easier because you can style it and put the finishing touches to it. Curl small parts of hair, slowly and carefully. To keep the curls in shape for longer, pin the curls to your head until they are cool. Break the curls to get your waves and use a hairspray to hold the look. You may need to use your comb to add height or shape. If your rollers are in place and cool as they should be, this hairstyle will fall into place very easily.

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Style And Maintenance 18 Inch Hair Weave In The Correct Way

See, it is quite simple to have Marilyn Monroe curls at home and it also brings you a timeless, effortless look that can go from day to night. That hairstyle will always be charming and attractive, no matter the decade or century! Flawless and timeless are what to say about this hairstyle. Till these days, Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beauty legacy continues to inspire today’s famous people. We can name some: such as Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Hillary Clinton, and so on.

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Angelina Jolie the 2002 movie “Life or Something Like It,” Jolie is almost a mirror image of Monroe, even posing the same.

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