How to care for your hair while wearing protective styles?

Thiet ke khong ten - How to care for your hair while wearing protective styles?

Who doesn’t love such protective styles which can give us a break from daily styling in a few days, weeks, or even months? Protective styles are great for growing and maintaining the length of your natural hair. Having a protective hairstyle, means you are protecting the mid to ends of the hair which is the oldest and most fragile hair from any type of heat, environmental damage, or manipulation.

However, just because your strands are stylishly tucked away doesn’t mean that your hair care routine stops. It is essential to care for your strands with TLC to keep your protective style and your natural hair in tip-top condition. Not quite sure how to care for your hair while wearing protective styles in general? No need to fret. Below, we’re sharing tips on caring for your mane.

But before we dive in, let’s talk about the basic thing first,…

  1. What does a protective style mean?

You might know that the less you touch and manipulate your hair, the lower your chances are of experiencing breakage. And protective styles can offer that for you because they require little to no daily manipulation. These styles are great at reducing split ends and possible breakage by tucking away your ends, which are the oldest parts of your hair and more prone to damage.

2. How to care for your natural hair while wearing protective styles?

Protective styles are a go-to when it comes to maintaining your hair’s health. But is your protective style protecting your hair well? It can do, but if it is done right. Keep reading on to learn some tips on how to make sure your hair is receiving the best care while you are rocking a protective style. Now, let’s start with keeping your hair clean.

  • Install the right way
Thiet ke khong ten 1 - How to care for your hair while wearing protective styles?

Caring for your protective hairstyle isn’t something that starts when your hair looks worse for wear. It’s necessary to start from the get-go, including during the installation process. To ensure your style looks flawless and makes care easier, it’s a good idea to have a professional done it for you. If you are interested in DIY styling, make sure you have done your research.

  • Properly wash

It is no secret that skipping out on the wash process is never a good thing. Because it is super easy for dirt, oils, and other impurities to build up on your scalp over time.   You certainly won’t need to wash braids or other protective hairstyles on a daily basis. But it is necessary to give your style a good ole cleansing session once every two weeks.  If not, your hair could pay the ultimate price. From dry and dull-looking hair to frizz, those are not pleasant things, right?

  • Regularly condition

You may think that washing your strands every two weeks is enough to keep your style in order. But in fact, your strands need additional moisture to look and feel their best. You should use your go-to hair oil to oil your mane once a week. This not only keeps your moisture levels up and your hair in shape but also makes the process easier when you are ready to take out your protective style.

  • Protect your hair at night
Thiet ke khong ten 2 - How to care for your hair while wearing protective styles?

We do understand that sometimes you just want to hop into bed and get a good sleep. Wait a minute! Because you have an important thing to do: It is to protect your hair. And the best way is to wrap your hair with a silk scarf or bonnet. This is one of the easiest ways to care for your protective style. Not to mention, silk works wonders to protect your hair from frizz, keep your protective style intact, and keep your hair moisturized. Isn’t it a goal?

  • Retouch your hair

As much as you may take good care of your protective style, over time, your hair will come to sport a lived-in look. It may have some frizz, new growth or shedding. So it is best to do a touch-up to some of the strands or frontal to keep your style fresh. This in turn helps maintain the style longer and the overall health of your hair.

So that’s a wrap of how to care for your hair while wearing protective styles. Hopefully, this is informative for you. Do you have any further tips? Don’t shy to spread your knowledge. Leave your words in the comment section. And we will discuss it together!

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