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Discover the most amazing hair-styling ways of Kristen Bell with and without makeup, and you may get inspired to chop off your long mane for a new fresher look, or somehow be more feminine with a new long curly hairstyle, etc.

Who is Kristen Bell?

It’s always good to start reading a new post clearly knowing about the main character who that post is talking about. So let’s first glance at some facts about today’s post’s main star – Kristen Bell.

Born in 1980 in Michigan, unlike some famous Hollywood actresses who was discovered and started their career at an early age, Kristen Bell is considered an orthodox actor who is methodically learned and trained acting skill as she studied musical theater at New York University. Kristen soon showed off her artistic talent at this “7th art” as she already made her Broadway debut while still a student. 2004 is the time she got a breakthrough in her career as the actress landed a role as the title character on the TV series Veronica Mars. This success has opened many opportunities for her to expand her profession and led to work in such films as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek, Couples Retreat, and especially a leading voice role in the Disney blockbusters cartoons Frozen. The American actress later continued to meet the audience through the small screen as she starred in the series House of Lies and The Good Place.

One of the most important factors contributing to the successful career of Kristen Bell, besides her amazing talent, is her marvelous beautifulness, which always impresses the public whether she’s leaving her face totally makeup-free or wearing makeup. Let’s have a look at these iconic pictures of Kristen Bell no makeup to see how naturally beautiful she is and how she style her hair in casual time without being supported by professional hairstylists. Get ready!

[1] Walking through the grocery store

Walking through the grocery store large result - MCSARA Hair

The American actress post this gorgeous no-makeup picture on her Instagram story showing that she’s spending her time-off shopping in a grocery store. She was so funny joking fans as she complained about why no one called the police when she was being assaulted by a toddler with stickers. Uhm~ perhaps they were still busy admiring her natural beauty? Indeed, look at her in this photo, no makeup, no lipstick, no eyeliner, or other enhancing beauty products, truly bare face, and still glowing and super attractive! With all this flawless skin, deep green eyes, and innocence, who would think that this woman is nearly 40 years old? And the way she wraps her hair back leaving two loose small hair strands in the front is so pretty too, making her look so much younger.


[2] Fresh vs. Gentle

Fresh vs. gentle large result - MCSARA Hair

Look at this comparison, you can easily see that there is not so much difference between ‘Kristen Bell no makeup’ and ‘Kristen Bell with full makeup on’. No need the help of such beauty tools as powder or lipstick, etc. Kristen’s natural beauty still shines and looks prominent on the street, especially when she brightly smiles like a sun in the left picture above. The right photo was taken when she appeared on a red carpet looking elegant and feminine in a polished appearance as the face was careful makeup and the hair was styled in a stylish side-parted lob style. But back with admiring Kristen’s bare face, wrapping back the hair and using a sunglasses bared on the crown as an accessory is a fun way of her to get a more modern yet simple look, you totally can learn her to style your hair this way to make your summertime be more interesting.

[3] Innocent vs. Fancy

Innocent vs. Fancy large result - MCSARA Hair

The two photographs show a stark contrast. By contrast here, I mean the feeling of each picture, not Kristen’s beauty. Our famous star is always beautiful in different particular ways, this way or that way, makeup or no makeup, this fact has clearly shown up in the above photos. If the left picture is Kristen Bell without makeup, looking innocent and gentle in the layered blonde bob and a colorful costume, then in the right picture, the renowned star looks super chic and attractive in a sexy black outfit and the slick parted blonde lob hairstyle. The two moments were all appealing, which one do you like more, Kristen with or without makeup?

[4] All smile

All smile large result - MCSARA Hair

This is another comparison of Kristen Bell with and without makeup. The left was when she was enjoying her casual time, simple style and zero makeup; the right was her at a formal occasion in a polished shaping. All smiling and feminine.

Some more pictures of Kristen Bell no makeup

Some more pictures of Kristen Bell no makeup large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Kristen Bell no makeup 1 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Kristen Bell no makeup 2 large result - MCSARA Hair

Some more pictures of Kristen Bell no makeup 3 large result - MCSARA Hair

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