Listen our first great story in the New Year 2021

It can be said that 2020 is a year of many difficulties and sorrow when the whole world had to suffer heavy losses brought by the COVID – 19 Pandemic. However, look on the bright side, we all overcame the challenges and trying to adapt to changes that mankind brings. It’s time for us to say “goodbye” to 2020 full of joy and sadness and welcome the New Year 2021 with all excitement.

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After finishing great holidays with our family and friends, we returned to work on 17th Feb 2021 and had a small party to say “hello” to 2021 together. It was not a year-end party full of stir and movement, but it marks every moment that everyone gives each other meaningful wishes with the hope of peace and happiness in the next year. No word can describe the feeling at that moment. A little bit of joviality, a little bit of enjoyment, and a little bit of emotion. All seem to harmonize and create a gentle and deep melody to celebrate the New Year.

Listen our first great story in the New Year 2021 2 - Listen our first great story in the New Year 2021

On the first day at work of the New Year, each employee receives a red envelope from the Board of Directors. This is an annual activity held each year after the Tet holiday.  Managers will give lucky money to each employee and wish them and their family good health, happiness, and success in their life. The lucky envelope also symbolizes wealth. Although it is only a small program, it shows the interest and encouragement of the company as well as brings people much closer together.

Most Vietnamese people think that the more they receive or give away the lucky money, the more they believe that they will make fortune. Because this custom has such a good meaning and brings so much luck, it is preserved and maintained by the community until now. It can’t be denied that exchanging the lucky money has become one of the indispensable parts of the Tet holiday.

Continuing the program on that day is the game “Guess words through actions”. With the criterion “Work hard, play hard”, most members in the company joined it and tried to fight until the last moment. We will always treasure this great time and keep it as a memory in our hearts forever.

Listen our first great story in the New Year 2021 1 - Listen our first great story in the New Year 2021
Everybody was so super excited when joining the game

The speech of the manager is also the end of the party that welcomes 2021. Once again he wanted to say “thank you” to all employees who strive to contribute to the development of MCSARA Hair all the time. We will remember his words and consider them as motivation to work harder in the future.

That’s all we want to tell you about our first day at work in 2021. Hope that we will have an opportunity to co-operate with you next time and wish you a happy and prosperous new year, everything is as you wish.

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