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Clip in straight hair light brown color #6


When it comes to choosing a clip hair supplier, MCSARA might be brand new for some of you, however it has been high – recommended by both international and Vietnamese...

Weight: 100 g/ 1 (bundle or piece)

When it comes to choosing a clip hair supplier, MCSARA might be brand new for some of you, however it has been high – recommended by both international and Vietnamese clients. 

It’s so damn true that every girl should once in life “thank you, next” to her hair and welcome for new changes. You never know how awesome it is till you make up your mind for changing. If our beloved sweeties still get confused with hair styles for you, I have a piece of advice: Give Clip in hair extensions a go! It’s so worthy and you never feel regretful for it.

Product Description

This is going to detailed about one of the most well- rated hair extensions: The Clip in straight hair #6 color.

First of all, let’s talk about length. Clip in straight hair #6 color is in the lengths from 6 inches to 32 inches. Just feel free to choose the most proper one base on your bias.

The hair is totally remy hair with all cuticles remained and all strands arranged in the same direction. That is why it is so soft, smooth and emollient with no tangles or shedding.

What’s more? We cleaned the hair very carefully during manufacture process so that it has no lice, dirt or something like that in it. And we bet that you can strongly believe on product’s quality.

The clip in straight hair #6 color is now offered with several standards: single draw hair; single drawn hair type 1; double drawn hair; super double drawn hair. These standards are named by it thickness. If you want to add volume for your hair, you can opt the double or super double.

Speaking of the textures, we provide some straight textures: natural straight, yaki straight, kinky straight.

You can check the list below and see what is color #6.

Clip in straight hair extensions is 100% high quality Vietnam remy hair with no mix hair or chemical substances which can be harmful to your health.

We take the hair from Vietnamese women who often have their hair long, black and all natural. Their hair is taken care by the natural based products, like locust, and they hardly ever style their hair.

After take this hair to our factory, we start to make hair extensions for you. We use machines and hot steam to keep the hair shape.

 Strength and Weakness

  • Strength 
  1. 100% Vietnam hair with no chemical and no synthetic hair
  2. Good looking and good for your health
  3. No tangle, no shedding and no insects
  4. Affordable to almost income classes
  5. Reusable
  6. Easy to wear 
  • Weakness
  1. Not as easy to apply and remove yourself
  2. A bit not comfortable and strain on your scalp
  3. Need to refit every 2-4 weeks

How to use

The Clip in straight hair #6 color is really friendly users. There are no complex steps, you just take the hair and secure it into your real hair by your way.

MCSARA would like to send you the most sincere thanks for choosing and believing in us. Hope you enjoying experiencing our hair products. We are always here to warmly welcome you for the next purchases.

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