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Clip in body wavy hair light brown color #27


In order to brighten your look, the Clip-in body wavy light brown color  #27 is likely to be your perfect choice.  MCSARA - Vietnam hair was founded with the great wishes...

Weight: 100 g/ 1 (bundle or piece)

In order to brighten your look, the Clip-in body wavy light brown color  #27 is likely to be your perfect choice. 

MCSARA - Vietnam hair was founded with the great wishes that every girls and women will feel confident with their hair and stay enthusiastic of being better everyday. Our experiences, our efforts have been driving us nearer to worldwide customers. By unlimited supplying to demanding and thriving markets such as : the UK, Brazil, Spain, the US and etc, we are pretty sure that our hair products are exactly what you want to wear. 

Product Description 

Clip in wavy hair light brown color is the hair which is from 6 to 32 inches in the length. You are feel free to choose the length which goes well with your desire, your hairstyle.

The hair is totally remy hair with all cuticles remained and all strands arranged in the same direction. That is why it is so soft, smooth and emollient with no tangles or shedding.

What’s more ? We cleaned the hair very carefully during manufacture process so that it has no lice, dirt or something like that in it. And we bet that you can strongly believe on product’s quality.

Clip in wavy hair extensions is now offered with several standards and textures. In terms of hair standards, you can choose single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair.

About the texture, besides the body wavy, we also offer some kind of textures : natural wavy, deep wavy, water wavy, bouncy wavy, roll bouncy wavy, roll body wavy, and you see, your choice is never limited when you choose us. To be more specific about the body wavy, you just need to look at the given image, body wavy hairstyle has waves along its body. This is a firm platform for the like- ocean weave silky hair.

Speaking of the color, you can see the chart color and see how  light brown color #27 is different from other colors in the light brown list.

Color hair is always cheaper than virgin hair which is completely original.

Clip in hair extensions is 100% made of Vietnam remy hair with no mix hair or chemical substances which can be harmful to your health.

We take the hair from Vietnamese women who often have their hair long, black and all natural. Clip in hair is taken care by the natural based products, like locust, and they hardly ever style their hair.

After take this hair to our factory, we start to make hair extensions for you. We use machines and hot steam to keep the hair shape.

 Strength and Weakness

  • Strength 
  1. 100% Vietnam human real hair with no chemical and no synthetic hair.
  2. Good looking and good for your health.
  3. No tangle, no shedding and no insects.
  4. Affordable to almost income classes.
  5. Easy to wear.
  • Weakness
  1. Not as easy to apply and remove yourself.
  2. A bit not comfortable and strain on your scalp.
  3. Need to refitting every 2-4 weeks.

 How to use 

The Clip in body wavy light brown color is really friendly users. There are no complex steps, you just take the hair and secure it into your real hair by your way. Hope you enjoying experiencing our hair products.

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