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Tape in straight hair light brown H color


If you want a stunning, beautiful hair, you must know about us- MCSARA. We are so proud to be one of the most famous companies in Vietnam which distributes a...

Weight: 100 g/ 1 (bundle or piece)

If you want a stunning, beautiful hair, you must know about us- MCSARA. We are so proud to be one of the most famous companies in Vietnam which distributes a pretty large number of virgin hairs to many countries in the world like USA, English, Russia, India, and so on.

If you’ve ever visited our stock, I think you shouldn’t miss one of the outstanding products. That is Tape in straight hair extensions light brown H color.

Production description

Note light brown H colors: #8H, #32H and #33H

Tape in hair extensions  is the hair which is from 6 to 32 inches in length, and it is the ideal length for any active girls. How long did you forget to get new style for your hair? Let get down to find out what makes Tape in straight hair is so popular.

Tape hair extension is also known as re born hair that is careful designed with no chemical substance added, no dirt or insects inside the hair.

The head of hair is flat so that it is very easy to stick into your hair. With the specific glue, you will never need to worry about it strictness. Then you can feel free to move and take action.

Let’s take a look about hair standards:

- Single drawn hair type 1: you will own the simplest hair with this type because it contains both long and short strands in the same bundle.

- Single drawn hair type 2: it’s still the mixture of long and short strands but it is better than type 1 in some ways.

- Double drawn hair: you may like this type because it includes more long strands than the short ones, and it looks thinker and longer.

- Super double drawn hair: it is the best hair type with in term of the length and thickness.

Texture and colors seem like the next thing that you concern about our product.
In the kinds of tape in straight hair extensions light brown, MCSARA is offering: natural straight, kinky straight and yaki straight.

The most important thing that we want to emphasize here is that Tape in straight hair extensions is made of 100% virgin hair from Vietnamese women. Vietnamese women hair has some characteristics that nowhere in the world has are that it is so black, long and pretty natural.

Strength and weakness


  • No heat required, much finer than other products
  • Long life span: about 3 to 6 weeks. You can even use again up to 3 times
  • Easy to use and very affordable because the cost is much lower than many other hair extensions.
  • With the length of 12 inches it is so easy to maintain.


  •  You need to wait a bit long to apply it.

How to use

To get to best good aspect of Tape in straight hair, we suggest some steps to help you when you style your extensions.

You should apply a heat protector to avoid unnecessary wear, giving your own hair and your hair extensions the best possible conditions for a look that stays beautiful longer.

You also can see the informations about our product on this video

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