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Weave straight hair mix #4 and #613 color


When it comes hair extensions, a lot of people tend to think of clip in hair or tip hair. In fact, weave straight mix 4 – 613 color is also...

Weight: 100 g/ 1 (bundle or piece)

When it comes hair extensions, a lot of people tend to think of clip in hair or tip hair. In fact, weave straight mix 4 – 613 color is also a good choice, too. It is not only cheaper compared to other types of hair extensions, but also very flexible in terms of using.

MCSARA is proud to be the supplier which can give you all the types of hair extensions you need. We have been working in this field for years and have brought products to millions of clients. Our weave hair is one of the best choice for you.

Product description

Weave hair is also called as machine weft hair or in brief, weft hair. This is the kind of hair that has been sewn all together in one long line, just like the way we sew our clothes. Since it is weft, there is no way that the hair will be fall out or shed. It is stay-in-place, and really blend-in with your real hair.

 MCSARA uses only 100% Vietnam remy hair for hair extensions. To be clear, remy hair is used to refer to the hair that is just cut and placed in absolutely the same way as of real human hair. It has all the cuticle and features of real hair like the softness, smoothness and emollient.

Customers who want to own weave hair can consider these four standards:

  • Single drawn hair type 1
  • Single drawn hair type 2
  • Double drawn hair
  • Super double drawn hair

The price and the quality of the standards are increasing from single hair type 1 to super double one.

All of the hair extensions will be sold from 6 inches to 32 inches with many different colors. In this post, we only mention mix #4 and #613 color. #4 color is considered to be brown while #613 is blonde shade and it is very bright. The combination of these two shades will create a color with medium brightness, which helps you look more attractive.

Strength and weakness


  • 100% Vietnam remy hair, no synthetic hair, no chemicals
  • No lice, no knots, tangle-free and no shedding
  • Beautiful, natural-looking and stay-in-place
  • Cheap and reasonable pricing


  • Need proper care for longer use
  • Might take more time to apply than other hair extensions
  1. How to use

There are three main ways to use a weft hair extension, which are:

  • Use directly as hair extensions by sewing the hair into your real hair. This is also called as sew-in hair extensions.
  • Use to make clip in hair extensions by attaching some clips into the hair.
  • Use to make wigs.

You can also use weave hair for other purposes if you have anything ideas with it.

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