“Secrets” To Have Beautiful Healthy Hair In The Autumn

Secrets To Have Beautiful Healthy Hair In The Autumn large result - “Secrets” To Have Beautiful Healthy Hair In The Autumn

Regularly at this time every year, most women have to face the constant loss of hair, especially those with long hair. So this season-transition time to autumn is also jokingly called “the hair fall season”.

Why have the “hair fall season”?

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Normally, the fall and winter period is the time when hair falls a lot. The reason is that this season’s weather is dry, thus the scalp is dry as well, making the hair roots weak, fragile, and very easy to break and even shed a lot.

Besides, the temperature changes when we go from the house to the outside, and vice versa also affects the health of the hair. It causes hair to dry out and break more easily.

Another reason also contributes to more hair loss in the autumn and winter season is that at this time, the temperature is low and cold, so we also … lazy to wash our hair and care for the scalp. This also causes hair loss to increase.

How to deal with the problem of hair loss in fall?

Shampoo properly

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At any time, proper shampooing is always the most important principle of caring for hair. Regular shampooing is a way to help the scalp and hair clean, reduce dirt and redundant oil on hair. However, in the fall, you should not wash your hair too often. This makes the hair become dehydrated and more prone to dryness. Unless you have to work or active outdoors a lot, it’s best to wash your hair once every 2 days.

Before shampooing, brush your hair with a round wooden comb. This device helps to prevent hair loss, and also acts as a scalp massage for better blood circulation. Use friendly shampoo, don’t forget to blow your hair. You should choose a shampoo with natural extracts, fewer chemicals to nourish your hair better. Besides, using a conditioner also helps provide moisture and protect hair more effectively.

Do not use hot/warm water to wash your hair because the temperature of the water will damage your hair and scalp, instead use cold water or warm water for shampooing.

While washing your hair, all operations should be done flexibly and combined with soft massage operations. Do not scratch the scalp, avoid damaging and reducing the shine of the hair. Don’t forget to blow your hair every time you wash your hair because it’s a shield that protects your hair.

After shampooing, you should dry your hair with a soft cotton towel, avoid rubbing vigorously. In addition, you should not brush your hair when wet and limit hair drying. If you are in a hurry and have to blow dry your hair, use the coolest dryer or stand in front of the fan, gently slipping your fingers through your hair until it is dry.

Moisturizes and replenishes nutrition for hair

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Drink a lot of water. To prevent hair loss caused by dry scalp, the simplest way is to drink water. Pay attention to providing 2 – 2.5 liters of water every day to moisturize hair right from the inside. Regularly massage the hair with moisturizing essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, grapefruit peel oil to make hair healthier and smoother.

Vitamin B also should be added to moisten and thicken the hair by eating foods that rich in B vitamins such as bananas, green beans, yogurt, eggs, cereals, etc.

Enhance good foods to supply essential nutrients for hair and scalp. In addition to paying attention to adding vegetables and fruits to increase moisture and vitamins for your hair, you should eat more foods like fish, foods made from beans, cereals, beef, etc. These foods contain lots of biotin, zinc, protein, vitamins, etc. which is very good for hair, helps bring strong, smooth, and healthy strands.

Apply the hair mask

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No need to use expensive hair treatments, just applying the hair mask from these natural nutrients below also contribute to hair care during the dry season. Note, the appropriate frequency of masking the hair is about once a week.

  • Hair conditioner with fresh lemon juice

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Lemon will help your hair smooth and restore vitality to the hair. Just take a lemon to squeeze the water and dilute it with a cup of water. Pour that water on your hair, massage gently for about 10 minutes and then shampoo your hair with warm water. Besides, you can mix fresh lemon juice with pure water then pour in a spray bottle with a hose to use as a hair spray when needed.

  • Haircare with bananas

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Crush or use a blender to puree bananas, then apply the mixture on your hair and scalp. Use your hand to gently massage and then wrap the cotton towel to keep your hair incubated. After about 20 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly.

  • Haircare with chicken eggs


Smash two chicken eggs into a big bowl, add 2 teaspoons of olive oil or coconut oil and beat them evenly. In the absence of olive oil or coconut oil, you can substitute 2 tablespoons of honey.

After washing your hair and drying your hair, start applying the mixture on your hair and scalp, taking a warm towel to incubate for about 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Trim your hair

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Many people do not like their hair shortened but pruning the split ends and dry fibers is essential to protect hair in the dry season. Remember, haircutting is also a way to take care of your hair.

Protect hair when going out

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Cold weather outside and the sun when it is hot are very harmful to hair and scalp, not to mention dust and dirt also increase the risk of hair loss. Remember to pay attention to keeping your head warm on cold days. Especially, limit to going out to the sun, and if you have to go to the street, be sure to wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp.

Properly taking care of hair is never supernumerary, especially in the autumn. Wishing this post has helped you to have a deeper knowledge of hair care in the fall. Good luck!

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