Top 10 fabulous fishtail braid hairstyles you’ll want to try

Top 10 fabulous fishtail braid hairstyles you’ll want to try 1 - MCSARA Hair

Fishtail hairstyles 1 - MCSARA Hair

Braided hairstyles are a sea of creativity. The style is one of the most versatile, running from incredibly intricate patterns to simple plaits.  Among all braided hairstyles, fishtail braids look extraordinarily sweet and romantic when it comes to different variations. The thing is that it is up to you to decide whether it is sleek or messy. But one thing remains – your new hair color won’t go unnoticed! Let us today introduce the top 10 fabulous fishtail braid hairstyles you’ll want to try!

1. Sleek Side French Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid hairstyles 1 1 - MCSARA Hair

If you have long gorgeous hair, a side fishtail braid is both a fashionable and convenient option. There is a myth that this hairstyle is childish. On the contrary, side braid hair can be extremely stylish and modern. This style with its intricate design and a glamorous appeal is an ideal option for modern businesswomen.

2. Fishtail crown braid

fishtail braid hairstyles 2 1 scaled - MCSARA Hair

Perfect for those who love wearing their hair down, yet also want something practical and secure, this ethereal-looking plait adds much of depth and interest to any look. The look is beautifully romantic and makes you just as shining as a Goddess wearing her crown.

3. Fishtail braided side bun

fishtail braid hairstyles 3 1 - MCSARA Hair

Want a hairstyle that looks just as good from the back as it does from the front? Then come a little closer and let us tell you the best answer: a fishtail plait side bun! This is a fun, flirty and versatile up-do allowing you to feel pulled together without looking fussy. Lightness and spontaneity are always in fashion, so this chic fishtail braided side bun surely drives you to the front row.

4. Updo Fishtail Braids

fishtail braid hairstyles 4 1 - MCSARA Hair

There are formal events when an elegant updo is what you need. In these cases, there will be nothing more suitable than the introduction of a fishtail braided updo.  It makes us dream of summer weddings. The combination of bigger and smaller weaved braids and loose strands makes this the perfect hairstyle for any bride-to-be.!

5. Fishtail Into Ponytail Hairstyles

fishtail braid hairstyles 5 1 - MCSARA Hair

If you are not able to make up your mind – a braid or a ponytail, why don’t we combine both of two? A statement ponytail involves killer details. And a fishtail braid with dozens of tiny strands can do the magic for your hair.

6. Wavy Fishtail Braid Design

fishtail braid hairstyles 6 1 - MCSARA Hair

Be careful! This hairstyle can make people envy you. Once we saw this indescribable beauty, we realized that nothing will ever replace braids with their creativity and variety. Although it’s better to do such a style in a salon, it well worth it. A wave-like cascading fishtail will definitely become the icing on the cake for every occasion.

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7. Criss-Cross Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

fishtail braid hairstyles 9 1 - MCSARA Hair

For those with long glorious locks, this simple sophisticated braid is must try! With a classic braided wrap and a traditional fishtail, you just can’t go wrong.

8. Fishtail Braid for Curly Hair

fishtail braid hairstyles 10 1 - MCSARA Hair

Say bye to tight and trapping braiding! We guarantee that you will be the focus of every attention with this gorgeous braid! This is another example of a French fishtail that is pulled apart to give more volume and show off some texture of curly hair.

9. Double Fishtail Braids

fishtail braid hairstyles 11 1 - MCSARA Hair

What can be better than a fishtail braid? Two fishtail braids! Hairstyles with 2 fishtail braids look really amazing – see for yourself! Especially if there is enough of time at your disposal and you can let these two voluminous beauties of braids be as elegant at the same time!

10. Fishtail braid for short hair

fishtail braid hairstyles 12 1 - MCSARA Hair

Think that fishtail braids only work well on long hair owners? That’s wrong! We offer you to take a look at the best ideas of fishtail braids for short hair!

As you can see, the fishtail plait may perfectly show off you’re your beauty, adds a more feminine touch, and funk up your look as a whole! Wear short hair? Give a try to a fishtail braid!

Tips in fishtail braiding

  • Fishtail Braids should start in the center of the head, near the nape of the neck. For a more modern, on-trend style, you can do it off to the side.
  • Keep the sections of hair you use completely even. All the way down, they need to be uniformly sized, otherwise, the braid isn’t going to come outright.
  • Keep your hair a little dirty to keep it stay in place.
  • Dust the strands with dry shampoo to help the hair stay in place and for extra grip.
  • Feel free to play with textures
  • You can achieve a loose fishtail by loosely pulling the braided sections as you go.
  • Fake the braids with hair extensions to make them more voluminous and thicker.

Fishtail braids are incredibly super pretty. They are girly and sexy, intriguing and challenging, etc. anything that you expect. If you are a big fan of this fabulous hairstyle, save this post for an everyday look.

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