Vietnam Remy Hair – Why Choose MCSARA

SARA INTERNATIONAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY with trade brand MCSARA is one of the top leading companies which specializes in manufacturing and exporting various types of Vietnamese women’s hair extensions to customers all over the world.

Produced from 100% Vietnam Remy hair material, especially from Vietnamese women having long hair without being processed or soaked in chemical substances, our products keep their softness and smooth and meet the demands of customers from the global market.

1. High Quality of hair products

All the hair is cut off directly from young Vietnamese girls, which ensures that our hair is 100% Vietnam Remy human hair extensions no synthetic hair. It’s guaranteed that the hair is free of nits, lice and insects, no tangle and shedding. The hair products are tested by a strict quality control system before being shipped to customers.

MCSARA provides a wide range of hair types that gives a variety of choices to customers.

Bulk: All hair strands are tied into a tidy bundle.

weave bundles with closure or frontal

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Clip-ins: The pre-clipped strips of extensions that snap onto sections of your own hair right at the root.

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Tape-ins: The pre-taped strips of extensions that are taped or glued along with your roots by a stylist.

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Sew-ins (weave hair): These extensions are sewn to your own braided-up hair with a needle and thread by a stylist.

weave water wavy hair 1 color 2 large result - Vietnam Remy Hair - Why Choose MCSARA

Keratin extensions: The tiny strands of extensions that are heated and bonded to tiny strands of your own hair with a keratin-based glue.

flat tip hair blonde color 2 large result - Vietnam Remy Hair - Why Choose MCSARA

Lace closure is a hairpiece where these strands are tied on a beige or a lace. Normally, a Remy lace closure is a few inches wide. Hair maker will apply it on where your hair is loosened as well as hair loss.

frontal straight hair 27 color 1 large result - Vietnam Remy Hair - Why Choose MCSARA

Lace frontal: is half of a wig which goes from ear to ear. It is sewed with approximately 3 or 4 bundles. The lace frontal can be installed with many different styles depending on the customer’s preference.

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Wig: Attaching hair strands to a lace piece by hand is the way to make a wig. Doing this will ensure the best condition of the knots.

wig straight hair large result - Vietnam Remy Hair - Why Choose MCSARA

2. Modern technological lines

Vietnam Remy hair extensions are manufactured in high technical standards, especially to produce color hair and hand-tied weft hair. For each type of hair product, we use a specialized step to create perfect items. For instance, a closure piece is a small piece of lace fabric, in which each strand of hair is knotted directly to the lace. However, the most impressive thing is hair has sewed every closure only by staffs’ hand to enhance the durability of products. Therefore, even after washing or shampooing many times, it is still like new ones.

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With different textures, we have a unique method to create without using harmful chemicals. The lengths of hair items are also diverse from 6 to 32 inches. We only use genuine and premium Remy hair which proceeds from high-quality natural human hair. Human hair is valuable for your health as well as most likely invisible.

If this is the first time that you have purchased, maybe you are so considering the quality of hair extensions. For more detail in the quality, we will supply you some useful information:

Standard is divided into 4 main types:

  • Single drawn hair type 1
  • Single drawn hair type 2
  • Double drawn hair
  • Super double drawn hair

The quality increases gradually from single drawn to super double drawn.

3. Reasonable prices

The prices of hair products depend on their textures, types, lengths, and colors. However, with the sales staff’s help, you will get suitable payment for your high-quality hair extensions.

4. Reliable reputation

MCSARA is getting more and more customers from traditional markets such as the USA, Mexico, Canada and European countries comprising Germany, the UK, France, Denmark, etc. That is a big effort of our company when exports hair products to over 100 countries around the world.


5. Well-Skilled workers

The workers are professionally trained and need to do vocational testing regularly to ensure they are skillful enough during the process.

sarahair factory 1 - Vietnam Remy Hair - Why Choose MCSARA
sarahair factory 2 - Vietnam Remy Hair - Why Choose MCSARA

6. Professional sales staff

Being aware of products’ specifications and demands of customers from different markets. With enthusiasm, the dedicated to caring staff will make you satisfied. Our staff will give you the most effective suggestions when choosing hair extensions.

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7. Sales policy

Besides offering customers the best prices, we also have the best customer care policy to serve customers. The discount policy is also applied to a large number of hair orders. A refund policy is considered to protect the benefits of customers.

8. Fast & safe delivery

Providing the preferential treatment of courier services such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. Customers will receive the hair as soon as possible. The payment methods are various to bring the comforts in shopping, for example, PayPal, bank transfer, money gram, western union…

Which country has the best human hair?

The human hair extension development is undeniable across the world. Human hair does not come from a country, you can find it everywhere in India, China, Korea… However, the Vietnamese hair is the best choice for you when buying this hair product. You will pick the perfect human hair extensions when purchasing Vietnam remy hair.

What is a good Vietnamese hair?

Vietnamese hair is high-quality that is smooth, soft. Besides, it is so natural without shedding. The hair strand is strong enough to dye or style. The reason is that Vietnamese people have proper hair care with simple natural ingredients.

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