What James Charles Looks Like Without Makeup?

Still beautiful, obviously!

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James Charles is widely known as one of the biggest beauty vloggers on YouTube. He often appears in front of the public with perfect makeup face, so there are a lot of people who are curious about his natural face. Therefore, today MCSARA will give you a Jame Charles no-makeup look that certainly surprises you.

First of all, you need to know his short biography.

James Charles is famous for an American makeup artist, Internet personality and model who rose to prominence after becoming the first-ever male CoverGirl spokesman.

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He has appeared in CoverGirl’s commercial ‘So Lashy! BlastPro’ mascara, alongside other CoverGirl ambassadors such as Katty Perry and Sofia Vergara.

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He was born as James Charles Dickinson on 23rd May 1999 in Bethlehem, New York, US. Charles holds the American Nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. He has one sibling; a younger brother named Ian Charles. James attended the Bethlehem Central High School until June 2017 when he graduated.

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When aged 12 in middle school, he revealed his sexual orientation to his parents. He told his parents he was Gay, and like many caring parents, they were very supportive of him. They even motivated him to wear make-up so as to feel more confident. James’ father went on and helped him build an entire makeup studio in the Basement!

James Charles Makeup-Free Moments

Almost girls know, James Charles applies FaceTune like the rest of doing a daily moisturizer: liberally and all over his face. Between that, his drag persona (who looks like Kylie Jenner, btw), and his endless makeup tutorials, it’s pretty hard to find a picture of James without any makeup on.

But I know you’re curious about what lies beneath that perfectly contoured façade so I spent an unnecessarily extravagant amount of time lurking through his Instagram feed to find all of the influencer’s best no-makeup pics.

James Charles Makeup Free Moments large result - MCSARA Hair

To find out exactly what James Charles looks like without makeup you need to take a look at this picture. Although his face has many freckles, every part of his face is well balanced. The neat eyebrows with curled eyelashes combined with charming eyes make us be surprised by his purity.

Of course, even James’ best “I woke up like this” selfie still includes fake freckles and what looks to be either sweat or highlighter.

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James Charles Makeup Free Moments 1 large result - MCSARA Hair

Though the beauty guru goes 100% makeup-free on Instagram Stories all the time, this pic is as close to makeup-free as we can get on the feed. The only change: the faux blue eyes. He showed his messy hair with an attractive face without makeup. It can be said that he is manly in here and sexy, too.

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Barefaced and bare chest! This is how you do on the 4th of July, people! James posed as a natural photo to wish his Sisters a happy Independence Day. He smiled in a happy way with mysterious black hair.

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During his feud with Tati Westbrook, James posted a few makeup-free apology videos. Afterward, he took a short break from social media but later returned to Instagram with this no-makeup photo.

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No makeup, but a lot of hair products. Or is his hair just naturally that volumized? The world may never know. A photo with curls on the top and the hair both 2 sides of his head was trimmed.

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James captioned this photo: “not a 💧of makeup but still feeling beautiful AF 💁🏻.” I think that speaks for itself. At this moment, he is so confident without makeup layers. Look at his hair, there are some highlights that make him look so handsome.

James Charles before and after makeup large result - MCSARA Hair

Speaking about his hairstyle, James Charles may currently be known for his deep brunette locks, but judging by a new post he accidentally shared with his Instagram story, that might all have changed.


James Charles Makeup pic large result - MCSARA Hair

He apparently made the classic mistake of accidentally sharing a new hair transformation video to his Instagram Story and now the public is so curious to see just what the final stage of his new hair looks like.

James Charles hair large result - MCSARA Hair

Though his hair currently looks like it’s a platinum blonde shade, he captioned the clip ‘halfway there’, meaning we still can’t be sure what the final shade will be.

Predictably though, fans are freaking out at James’ new look.

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